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The Comfiest Bamboo Pyjamas – Cozy Earth

The Comfiest Bamboo Pyjamas – Cozy Earth

Sleeping can be so hard to do these days.

I remember the last time I had the absolute best sleep of my life; it was when I was a teenager. On the weekends I would be dead to the world until noon on Saturdays. I remember feeling so absolutely relaxed and comfortable.

Nowadays I toss and turn to no end. And it’s all on a count of temperature- damn hormones! I first get into bed in pyjamas and then at different points throughout the night I strip down to my underwear. If it suddenly gets chilly again, I’ll get up and grab a blanket. I won’t put my pyjamas back on because then I’ll be at risk of having to get up and take them off again. At least with an extra blanket I can simply kick it off.

Then comes the morning where every time without fail, it will be absolutely freezing. And I will be stuck hiding under the blankets shivering, until the absolute last second that I have to get up and race to get dressed.

I’ve never had quality pyjamas. I typically choose a cheap brand of pyjamas that look cute. Oftentimes the material of these pyjamas aren’t breathable or truly comfortable to sleep in. They just look cute.

I’ve learned recently that finding quality pyjamas can be really tricky. I went to a Victoria’s Secret a few Christmases ago to finally get myself something comfortable and sexy. The pyjamas I chose looked so adorable and I figured they were so expensive that they had to be comfortable… They weren’t. I complained to the store and returned them. I’ve had pyjamas that were much cheaper and way more comfortable.

I got a pair of the most comfortable pyjamas I’ve ever worn to bed from Cozy Earth and it’s made from 95% Bamboo! Cozy Earth sells premium bedding and loungewear that helps keep our bodies at the perfect temperature while we sleep. Isn’t this the way all pyjamas and bedding should be made???

When I first put these pyjamas on, it made my entire body feel like it was wrapped in softness. Yet, it wasn’t heavy but light weight. My husband touched the material and exclaimed “Oh man, if only these were sheets!” Haha, he’s so jealous! At night he gave me a lot of cuddles and admitted it was the feel of the material that drew him in.

The night I wore Cozy Earth to bed was the night I didn’t undress part way through the night. I felt comfortable. I felt as comfortable as if I weren’t wearing pyjamas and yet as cozy as if I were. I wasn’t freezing first thing in the morning either. I actually kept those pyjamas on for most of the day until I had to leave the house, (and even then I debated if I could get away with wearing it outside).

Pyjamas should assist in us having a good night’s sleep and that’s what pyjamas from Cozy Earth does! These are the type of clothes that keeps you relaxed and comfortable whether you’re going about your day at home or ready to get to bed. Even better, it’s great for the environment and our bodies as it’s made of natural material.

It’s time to enhance your nightly sleep. Go to to shop now using discount code MATURINGMAMA40 for 40% off!

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