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An Ethical Impact for Our Kids – T Rex & Muffin

An Ethical Impact for Our Kids – T Rex & Muffin

We Mamas want the best quality in clothing for our kids that’s safe for their little bodies and the future of the environment. T Rex and Muffin is a kids clothing brand with these attributes at its core. Here is owner and founder Cecilia Castello to tell us more:

I am a designer, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and a mother of two.  T Rex and Muffin is named after my two little scamps (each of whom insists they are T Rex). The brand is inspired by them and my commitment to give them great clothes.  I always ask myself “Would I wear this, and will my kids want to wear this?”

1. What is the significance in buying our children organic and ethically made clothing?

I think it’s significant only if it means something to you. Today we face, not only as people but especially as parents, unprecedented pressures.  Pressure to parent, work, socialize and somehow find the time to save the planet while looking great and maintaining a beautiful home.  It’s a lot and no one can do it all, but what if making ethical choices when it comes to the clothing you buy for your kids is one piece of that puzzle, that’s significant?

Our T-shirt collection is printed on demand in France by a company hugely dedicated to the quality of the product, those that produce it (certification OCS with the Fair Wear Foundation) and the environment. 

The T-shirts are made in 100% organic cotton; that means no pesticides, insecticides or GMOs are used. They are dyed using ecological dyeing, they are printed with 100% eco-certified water-based inks (by OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT) and shipped to you with no plastic packaging.  That feels good to me, so that’s significant.

2. What can customers expect concerning long term wear of clothing from T Rex and Muffin?

The best thing about buying clothing of truly excellent quality, which we believe these T-shirts are, is that they last a lot longer. Wash after wash these T-shirts will maintain their shape, colour and feel.  Remember to not iron directly on the printed area, ironing on the inside is recommended.

3. Can you tell the story of what caused you to start T Rex and Muffin?

It’s been a long journey, but T Rex and Muffin is the realisation of a dream for me.  It’s still very early days, we only just launched at the end of last year and there is so much more to come. I’ve been a designer for a long time and I’ve tried a lot of different things.  I’m really excited about T Rex and Muffin because I really feel at home with this product and I’m so excited about all the possibilities. 

At the heart of this journey is my deep love of clothing. Which sounds quite silly, but as my daughter once asked me “Mummy, why do you love making dresses so much?”  and I said “It’s just my thing.”  And she nodded knowingly, “Yes, like drawing is my thing.”

Everyone has something that is their thing.  And even if my thing is not a seemingly important thing (of course I realise that there are a lot more important things out there than clothing) it’s important to me because it brings me joy and meaning.  So I just want to do it really well. 

I’m dedicated to making the best possible quality clothes that a reasonable budget can buy.  And the cutest, most kid friendly clothes my imagination can dream up. That’s why I started T Rex and Muffin.

4. How do you balance being a mom while running T Rex and Muffin? Any tips for those Mamas wanting to start their own business but afraid of the time management.

I’m really lucky as both my kids are finally in full time schooling, so my time management has gotten a serious break in the last year. But there was a time when I was trying to run an Etsy shop with two toddlers climbing on my desk and tearing their room apart (I swear they had a game called “make a mess”). 

My best time management tip is to set a clock. It can work for lots of dull neverending tasks and it really works for tidying up. You have a slot in your day and you set your timer (about 20 minutes) you tidy at full speed.  When the time is up you’re done, no matter what is or is not put away, the rest will have to wait for the next time slot. This way you’re never tidying up the same mess multiple times in one day and you’re not constantly looking at messes thinking: “When will I clean that up?”  You know when you will, you have a time slot for that.

I had time slots for everything, I feel you manage your time better when it’s divided into time slots rather than tasks with open endings.

5. Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide! Orders are processed within 48 hours and shipped, without plastic, anywhere in the world.

6. What can customers expect from the upcoming season of fashion styles from T Rex and Muffin?

T Rex and Muffin has really just started its journey.  Right now I have the print to order organic cotton T-shirts, which will always be in the shop and I will keep updating the prints with more inspirational messages each season.

But for Spring I am also adding a collection of ready to wear for kids 2-8 years.  This will be a fully designed fashion collection with all original prints and carefully designed styles.  Also all ethically produced.  It’s a super cute capsule collection in clean classic colours: navy, white, sand yellow and tomato red, and several bold prints.  There will be chic and practical shorts, shirts, dresses and jackets for Spring to take you into Summer.  If it came in my size, I would wear it! 

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