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Shopping Minority Owned Brands with Mimi’s Favorite Things

Shopping Minority Owned Brands with Mimi’s Favorite Things

Let your Christmas shopping impact the lives of small minority owned businesses this year! And Mimi’s Favorite Things is here to help you find everything on your family’s wish list.

Minority owned brands struggle. I know this because as the creator and founder of Maturing Mama Magazine, this has been my reality. My reality has been having potential customers tell me they will not work with Maturing Mama because it is owned by a black woman. (Yes I’ve wondered too why they had to let me know this). It is an ugly truth to humanity.

Michele, the owner of Mimi’s Favorite Things has also experienced the hardships of being a minority owned business and has decided to give these brands all the support she can by creating a shop with a focus on small minority brands. 

“I believe these groups need a platform and community that will promote their work and allow them to shine!”

– Michele, Founder of Mimi’s Favorite Things

Michele started Mimi’s Favorite Things in May 2019 as an online shop and sold items at local markets in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She then got a storefront in November of 2019, where she runs Mimi’s Favorite Things alongside her day job with the help of her nephew and kids. Her hope is to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship into them while teaching them how to positively impact their community. 

Michele ensures the quality of all the small business brands she sells by testing them herself, so they are genuinely her favorite items.

For Mamas this Christmas Michele recommends the following items:

There are items for the whole family at Mimi’s Favorite Things!  If you’re in the Chester County area visit Mimi’s Favorite Things at the Midway Arts building. Or shop online from anywhere else at

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