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How Consistency Brings Radiant Skin – Ev Nunez Naturals

How Consistency Brings Radiant Skin – Ev Nunez Naturals

There is one question we Mamas all ask ourselves while looking in the mirror… Why don’t I have perfect skin???

The reason goes beyond skin care products. In fact, creator of Ev Nunez Naturals, Evelyn, would challenge that we don’t know how to love our natural appearance.

Evelyn has useful information for us Mamas on where to start when desiring healthy skin and the products Ev Nunez Naturals has to offer. She explains the steps of a healthy skin care routine and the best products for your skin type.

Here is Evelyn to tell us more in our Q&A:

  1. What are most women lacking in their skincare routine that would allow them to feel confident and leave the house without make-up?

Consistency. The marketing campaigns we see on TV, the web, and magazines want us to believe that we need to spend money on many products to have beautiful skin. By beautiful, they are implying that our skin should be flawless, camera-ready, without a wrinkle, pimple, or scar in sight. It must be bright and smooth without any sign of aging.

This is why women, me included, buy everything they think will work on their skin. Cleansers, moisturizers, and everything in between that promise you will look younger and more beautiful. The truth is you are already beautiful and do not need miracle products to achieve this. Your skin doesn’t need to “look” younger; it needs to be healthy, and that begins with consistency.

It really doesn’t matter if your routine is 10 steps or just 3 steps. If you are not consistent, you will never see the benefits of the products you use. Ingredients matter, but establishing a routine, and sticking to it, matters even more. Having a consistent routine teaches you what your skin likes, does not like, and most importantly, what it really needs.

You will learn which ingredients and what products it responds to best, which empowers you to make better purchasing decisions. You will soon realize that you do not need as many products as you think. You will slowly find yourself not using make-up to walk out the door in the morning because you finally know what your skin really needs, and it looks incredible.

  1. What is an ideal skincare product for moms from Ev Nunez Naturals?

Ev Nunez Naturals launched a basic skincare line with busy moms in mind. They are natural anti-aging skincare products packed with active ingredients that will make your skin glow. An oil cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. A simple three-step routine, perfect for most skin types, easy to follow, and will only take a few minutes to complete. It is ideal for Mom’s crazy busy mornings when she is trying to get out the door and for nights when all she really wants to do is get into bed as soon as possible.

I recommend that women with normal, dry, and sensitive skin use the full line of products. Those with oily skin may use all three products, but if your skin breaks out easily, it is best that they only use the toner and the moisturizer. Remember, regardless of your skin type or the products you choose, the key is to establish a routine and be consistent.

  1. What does an effective skincare routine look like? (How many times should we wash our face each day? Cold or warm water when washing? Use a face towel or just your hands?)

An effective skincare routine is simple, easy to follow, and only needs a few products. You should cleanse, tone, moisturize, and apply SPF daily. Ideally, the skin is cleansed twice a day with products that do not strip your natural oils. Therefore oil-based cleansers are a great option, especially for normal, dry, and sensitive skin types. Those with oily skin can use oil-based cleansers, but they must ensure oils are not heavy on their skin; not all oils can be used on oily skin. If oil cleansers are too much for the skin, you can use water-based products or facial soap bars; just make sure they are alcohol-free.

Always cleanse thoroughly before bed. In the morning, washing off with water may be enough, but you need to use a cleanser before toning if you work out in the mornings. When using an oil-based cleanser, apply it with a cotton round and remove it gently with a warm face towel. When using a water-based cleanser, wet your face with warm water, gently apply the cleanser and rinse it off. If you have the option, use a natural facial cleanser.

After cleansing, gently pat dry with a clean towel and apply the toner using a cotton round. Then, apply the moisturizer and finally the SPF. In the evenings, all you need to do is cleanse, tone, and moisturize, or CTM, as I like to call it. This is enough to have healthy skin, plus remaining consistent is effortless with just these three steps, four when doing it in the morning.

Once or twice, a week use a gentle exfoliator after cleansing. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, increases skin cell turnover, increases blood flow and circulation, and improves absorption of your skincare products. To make this a simple process, I just add some jojoba beads to my water-based cleanser; this way, I do not add another step to my routine. I cleanse and exfoliate at the same time. Maybe a few times a month, if you want to pamper yourself and have some extra time, use a face mask after exfoliating. Choose the facial mask based on your skin needs that day: extra hydration, decongesting the pores, improving texture, or simply brightening the skin.

You can make your routine as straightforward or as complicated as you need it to be. Just remember CTM-S. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice a day, and always apply SPF in the mornings. Ten minutes in the morning and at night are enough to have beautiful and healthy skin that will empower you and give you the confidence to be make-up-free.

  1. Can you recall the season in which Ev Nunez Naturals was created?

Ev Nunez Naturals is the result of my personal journey to healthy skin. I am a highly allergic person, and of course, my skin is no exception to that. Still, my major facial skin issues began when I had my children in my mid-thirties. After two pregnancies, the change in routines, and the increased stress that comes with becoming a parent, my skin changed significantly. Suddenly products began to irritate and dry out my skin. It was itchy and red all the time. I had been diagnosed with mild rosacea and thought these changes were just a worsening of the condition. Products specific for this condition were not working, and the dermatologists had me using topical steroids for months. The symptoms would improve, but as soon as I began to use make-up and skincare products again, the symptoms came back. It was a vicious and frustrating cycle that hurt my self-esteem.

I got so tired of spending money on every product recommendation I received, which irritated my skin after the first use. So I decided to learn how to formulate my own products. My research led me to Formula Botanica, an organic skincare formulation school based in the United Kingdom. I enrolled in their program and began to formulate products with natural ingredients in the summer of 2018. Every product I prepared I used on my skin, and to my surprise, it did not react as it did with other products. The redness minimized, the flakiness disappeared, and my face was once again glowing. I no longer needed to cover my skin with make-up when leaving my house. It was beautiful! I felt beautiful; I had not felt like this in years. This newfound confidence led me down a path of self-care. I began to exercise and eat a little better, so I lost weight. I was feeling more confident and secure of who I am and what I am worth. All because I was able to improve my skin.

As I progressed in my formulation course and created formulas, I gave out samples to friends and family. Sometimes it was a body butter other times, it was a moisturizer. On occasions, I had to throw everything out because I failed. As friends tested my products, they began to order a few things, and for the holidays in 2019, some ordered a few products as gifts for others. The feedback was very positive, and everyone loved the fact the products were natural with very few ingredients. They worked, and the entire family could use them.

In 2020 as I analyzed the impact of the pandemic, I decided to take a risk and start a business. I embarked on the adventure of sharing my love for natural skincare and my passion for women empowerment and self-love with others. I know anyone can learn how to formulate, but not everyone wants to do it, and I have created simple formulas that work. I want those who use my products to see their existing beauty once again, have healthy skin and feel confident with who they are. I want them to feel empowered as they go out the door in the mornings, convinced that they can conquer the world if they choose to do so. We all have greatness within us. We are all naturally beautiful. We just need to embrace that beauty and believe in ourselves.

  1. What can customers expect from long-term regular use of Ev Nunez Naturals?

Expect to see positive changes in your skin with consistent use of the Ev Nunez Naturals basic skincare line. Your skin will feel soft, hydrated, and you will once again see that healthy glow. It is a simple 3 step routine perfect for your busy schedule. Ten minutes of self-love in the morning and at night will give you confidence and empower you to face the world as the beautiful woman you are.

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