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Ask Questions Before Applying Products – Natura Culina

Ask Questions Before Applying Products – Natura Culina

“I want to empower individuals to challenge the skincare industry in learning to ask the important questions about the products that they are putting on their skin.”

Lenka Tinka, Natura Culina

I have panic attacks at night sometimes. It can keep me up late and at times all night. What really helps is envisioning myself in one of the most relaxing destinations I’ve ever been to. For me that’s Hawaii. My husband and I lived there for six months and when I go back there in my mind, I can’t help but calm down. It’s my body’s natural response to a healing environment.

It’s the sea breeze I breathe into my lungs. The calming sounds of the ocean and the warmth of the sun. Even the sand between my toes gives me a spa like experience. There’s something about nature that’s healing and restorative.

Encapsulating the natural healing properties of nature into a skin care brand is what Lenka Tinka, creator of Natura Culina set out to do.

Lenka was born and raised in centuries old European spa city, Karlovy Vary, surrounded by seven natural healing springs. This inspired her to learn more about nature’s healing properties, specifically for curing common skin ailments.

Extensive research and experimentation in the kitchen brought Linka to provide a clean, safe and natural alternative to commonly used store bought skin care products.

Here is the mission of Natura Culina:

“Here at Natura Culina we believe in the healing power of plants for the skin. Our unique organic skincare system appreciates individuality and mirrors the simplicity found in nature.

Green, clean, and simple; our 100% natural and non-toxic approach has proven to be an effective alternative to solutions that use artificial ingredients.

Natura Culina acknowledges that anything we use on our skin will end up in our body. Rooted in nature, our products use a combination of vitamins and age-defying antioxidants found in plants, eliminating the need for the addition of toxins.
Our system aligns with nature allowing your skin to heal. We are here to help guide you in finding your unique organic skincare solution, illuminating nature’s ability to heal the skin, mind, and body.”

Natura Culina products do NOT contain:

Natura Culina’s website is an easy to use platform that allows their customers to find their skin ailments, and after clicking on this, they are then taken to a page which highlights their ideal product to use from Natura Culina. The ingredients of each product is listed out and an explanation why these work is given.

See for yourself and start your skin on a natural healing journey at

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