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Post Quarantine Weight Management – BioHealth

Post Quarantine Weight Management – BioHealth


You guys have no idea how hard it was to get to this point. Even I’m surprised by how hard this has been for the fact that I’ve always been the skinny girl. But that time during quarantine brought on stress eating and unwanted pounds. Any other Mamas had this problem??

To get to this point of weight-loss I started by walking everyday. That’s all. Just walking for one hour everyday. It helped that this was a walk to grab my daughter from school everyday. So there was no excuses if I didn’t feel like taking this walk.

These walks started out as a stroll. I’d walk slowly and enjoy the scenery while making sure I didn’t get lost on my way to grab my daughter from school. (I’m directionally challenged). This then turned into power walking once I became sure of where I was going and how long it would take me to get there. I started giving myself 15mins to get to the school when it would typically take almost 30.

I soon added my wireless headphones with music and this helped me pick up the pace even more. I’m a dancer so of course I had to walk to the beat of songs and I was listening to some pretty fast songs. (I’ve been obsessed with the new In The Heights soundtrack recently).

Now that it’s summer break and there’s no school for me to pick my daughter up from, I do a full run of the same distance and add some muscle training afterwards!

Not everyday, just every other day.

I love all this exercising. I love how I feel at the end of a work out! And I love the way I look! But what I don’t love, is how sore I feel afterwards. Especially when I still have to take care of my kids and the household duties.

Exercise is literally the process of tearing our muscles and building them back up. The tearing part I was doing with ease. The building back up, was trickier to keep up with.

Protein is what’s needed to rebuild muscle after exercise. It also helps me feel fuller longer so I’m not snacking through out the day.

The reality of being a mom is, meal planning for ourselves can be hard to do. I go through enough making sure my kids are eating a balanced diet. But add to that, monitoring the amount of protein I’m putting in my body…

That’s why I love protein powders. They’re easy to consume and I love making them into smoothies to make sure I’m getting all my fruits and vegetables.

Many protein powders out there can be sketchy. Because there are a lot of people looking for the results from protein powder and not caring about what they’re actually putting into their bodies.

Some powders add extra ingredients to assist in weight-loss that’s unnatural. Others try so hard to make the most unique flavors that they add too much sugar and a lot of unnecessary unnatural flavoring.

When looking for the best natural protein powder I go to Bio Health. A health food store that’s all natural. They have protein powders with exciting flavors that’s good for your body. So I’m not just left with muscle tone and fitness but a healthier body throughout!

My favorite Bio Health protein powder would have to be the Precision Cafe Mochaccino.

I’m the type that needs coffee before and after my work out. It helps me give my all into the work out when I have coffee before. And afterwards I can get into a real slump because of how tired my body is. So coffee is a great pick me up!

The addition of coffee to my protein shake makes me crave a protein shake that much more. Plus it’s delicious and good for my body.

Here are the details of what’s in the Precision Cafe Mochaccino protein powder from Bio Health:

Precision ISO Protein is made with premium Pasture Fed Whey Protein. This GMO-Free formula is sourced from pasture fed cows, untreated with antibiotics.

With 28+ grams of protein in each scoop, you can drink this protein shake before & after workouts, or when you need a quick meal for increased energy. Precision ISO helps build lean muscle, strength and fuels muscle recovery. This phenomenal tasting protein is designed to help keep you on track with your nutrition & fitness goals!

Infused with real coffee, our Mochaccino Precision Café Protein makes for the perfect morning latte. This sweet and sophisticated blend brings soft coffee flavors along with premium nutrient benefits that will quickly replace your expensive caffeine habit.

How much caffeine is in Mochaccino?

In each scoop, there’s about 25-30mg of caffeine. To put it in perspective, there’s typically about 90-95mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee.

Why Precision ISO?

Precision ISO uses a technology that extracts the protein in a highly-purified, undenatured form, leaving the most important naturally-occurring molecules that help support your body. Because of this process, Precision ISO has a higher level of protein purity than its competitors and a powerful amino acid profile, nourishing your muscles and allowing your body to transform like no other protein on the market.

Precision ISO is sugar free, low carb, fat free, free from fillers and sweetened with Stevia.

Naturally Sweetened. Naturally Flavored. High Protein. Low Carbs. No Fat.

I also have started drinking Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide Powder. This powder is perfect for a morning smoothie. I especially drink this on days when I’m not exercising. I love mixing both fruits and vegetables that create a fruity tasting drink at the end.

Here’s what BioHealth has to say about their Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide Powder:

BioHealth’s Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide Powder was made to help reverse the aging process from the inside out. This anti-aging, unflavored peptide powerhouse is made with 100% grass fed, pasture raised bovine collagen to ensure the highest quality.

The Hydrolyzation process breaks down the collagen powder into peptides and ensures maximum absorption in the least amount of time.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Benefits:

Aids in joint health and longevity
Increases muscle recovery
Reduces workout soreness
Promotes skin elasticity and youthfulness
Reduces skin wrinkles and the appearance of aging
Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
Improves overall digestive health

Why Use Hydrolyzed Collagen?

Although collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, used in muscle, ligaments, cartilage, bone, skin and blood, we stop producing as much of it naturally as we age. Supplementing collagen into your daily regimen will help improve your health in a variety of ways. By increasing the amount of collagen in your body, you’ll reap the benefits inside and out.

There’s many more natural and healthy products at Bio Health‘s online shop. To shop go to

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