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Made For My Sensitive Skin – Glow’rious Routine

Made For My Sensitive Skin – Glow’rious Routine

What if a skincare brand was created out of necessity for the creator who has sensitive skin and is prone to allergic reactions?

This would be a brand I trust to deliver a clean product that is safe and effective.

This was the case for Denisha Stephenson, creator of Glow’rious Routine. Denisha’s products are self tested and created after years of her personally exploring the effects of global skincare brands.

Denisha is changing the game by delivering a product that can compete with these brands while maintaining its safety for the user and the planet. Here is Denisha to tell us more about Glow’rious Routine in our Q&A:

  1. What are large name skincare brands lacking that Glow’rious Routine aims to fulfil for consumers?

Where do I start? Many large brands will think about the bottom line first, the demand second and the last on the list is the customer.

They will create a clean brand but use nonrecyclable plastic containers and packaging. They will source cheap ingredients around the world and then dilute the ingredients so they can prolong the results- forcing customers to use the entire bottle to see the promised effects.

They have nothing to lose because if the product is bad they’ll discontinue it and move on.

As an emerging brand, I had the ability to disrupt the market and break through the norms of these large companies. I don’t hide behind the gimmicks. Everything I’ve done thus far has been thought out to its fullest capacity.

The customer is always first, then my mission and vision. My products from the ingredients, to the packaging, to the branding, to my tree planting program, all show what I stand for: clean and sustainable skincare for all.

  1. Can you explain a “clean yet powerful” product? What can customers expect from a product like this from Glow’rious Routine?

It’s a common misconception, people believe clean products are soft, surface-level products that are more of a sales tactic than an actual solution-driven product. Glow’rious Routine is far from that.

Our ingredients are clean because we consider what effects it can have once absorbed. Is it hypoallergenic for people like me who have severe food allergies and can’t use organic products?

Our products are powerful because we use professional-grade ingredients giving a similar spa-facial experience with results much faster than many other brands.

  1. Can you recall the season in which you started Glow’rious Routine?

Absolutely! It was the winter of 2019, I just turned 29 and found myself thinking about life, aspirations and where I see myself in the future.

I was at a mental low because I felt like my entire life I did only what I had to do and only what was expected of me. I asked myself, who is Denisha? What does she enjoy doing? I felt like my 30s should be full of me taking risks for myself. So on January 13th 2019 I said to myself, I’m going to create that skincare I always dreamt about.

I always had a love of skincare, I mean a real love – researching products and ingredients, testing products from around the world, DIY, you name it. I’ve probably researched it, tried it or tried to recreate it. I had to believe my skills and my passion was enough. I had to at least try. And even if I failed, I knew that I tried.

  1. Do you have a must-have product for the current season and climate?

Going into the summer months our bodies tend to sweat more, which leads to producing more oils for oily skin or rougher dry spots for dry skin. The Illuminating Daily Moisturizer’s silky texture will balance the oils and ensure we stay hydrated to avoid breakouts or skin irritations.

In the summer we tend to get more dark spots, lose more collagen and are prone to more wrinkles – this moisturizer is formulated with two stable sources of Vitamin C to remediate hyperpigmentation, loss of uniformity and dullness.

It’s time to trust a brand of skincare that puts you first. The brand for all skin types and complexions. Go to to shop now!

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