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Upgrading My Quaint Home With Soul Comfort Candles

Upgrading My Quaint Home With Soul Comfort Candles

I remember the first time I started using candles in my home. It was after my husband and I had gotten married.

We were quite young. I was twenty and he was twenty-one. We both had very small jobs. Mine was a minimum wage job and his was just above minimum wage. So our first home was very quaint, to put it nicely.

It was a one bedroom basement suite in an old house. There was one window that was very small. This made our home feel like a cave. Add to this, because of our circumstances we had no new furniture in our home. We had second hand furniture that was so old, it could have been 6th hand furniture.

We moved into our newly wed home in the fall, (and this was in the prairies of Canada), so much like the weather, the atmosphere was very damp and dreary. But I was a new wife, so I wanted to put my feminine charm in to work and turn this basement into a home.

We went out and got so many scented candles. I got candles for every mood I was in. One that was a warm and relaxing vanilla. Another that was bright, minty and energizing.

All of these smells made our little cave more like a home. I found myself longing to stay in more often. I would invite friends over despite how small and old our home was. It simply felt more inviting with candles lit. My perspective on our home was changed.

This is what a scented candle is meant to do. Changing a home’s atmosphere and one’s mood is the goal of one such candle company, Soul Comfort Candles.

Here is creater Keisha-Lee to tell us more:

  1. The name of your brand, Soul Comfort Candles, brings a feeling of safety and belonging- what inspired this?

The name Soul Comfort Candles was inspired by the warmth and security I feel whenever I buy or burn a new candle. I wanted the name of my business to emanate the feeling of comfort and belonging, that when people burn my candles it feels like a warm hug for your soul. I hope the name brings people a feeling of indescribable comfort, security and happiness.

The name was also largely inspired by the time I created my business in. It was late 2020 and I was struggling with a range of things, but also struggling to see little bits of joy each day. I’ve always loved the feeling of excitement and joy that candles bring me, so once I decided to start my business it felt like Soul Comfort Candles was the only name that truly suited what I wanted it to mean.

  1. Can you recall the moment you decided you wanted to start a candle business?

I’ve thought about starting a candle business many times before I actually did it, but I never thought it was something I could actually do or succeed at. I remember deciding to start my business after I was going through a difficult time towards the end of 2020 and was looking for small things that bought me joy that I could hold on to.

Candles were one of the things that bought me pure joy and comfort during that time. I had also left my job as a bookseller and deferred from my Uni course, so I had a-lot of time to explore the idea. Once I had the idea it just grew from there and felt that it was something I could actually do.

  1. Soul Comfort Candles‘ scents, for me, inspire thoughts of cuddling under a blanket with a good book. What moment is it you hope to inspire for your customers?

I hope my candles inspire people to hold on to the small great things in life! Whether that’s burning a candle while reading a good book, enjoying a good show or doing something creative. I hope my candles bring people a sense of comfort and safety or bring a smile to their face!

A large part of creating Soul Comfort Candles was to encapsulate how I feel about candles, to share the joy I feel when I find a new scent I love or when new seasonal candles get released each year.

I want my candles to create the moment of pure deep joy that I feel about everything to do with candles. I also hope my candles give people a small reason to feel happy and see the amazing things this life has to offer.

  1. What can customers expect from the quality of Soul Comfort Candles?

Customers can expect high quality candles created with a lot of love put into them. I only use 100% soy wax and high-quality fragrance oils.

My large candles are double wicked, providing a strong scent throw, less mushrooming and giving the candle a nice even burn. Using soy wax helps the candles last longer and give them a natural quality.

They are a good environmental choice because it releases less soot and won’t release any toxins. My core collection is called the ‘comfort collection’ and showcase scents specifically chosen by me to give customers comfort and warmth while burning them.

Each candle scent has been tested by me to ensure the candle has a strong scent throw and has a long-lasting burn. Each aspect of Soul Comfort Candles is designed, created and run by myself so customers can be sure to receive high quality service in every aspect of my business.

  1. What scents can we look forward to in the upcoming season and can you describe them?

I’ve got a few exciting new scents coming up in the next few weeks! I’m about to add a new scent to my comfort collection, which is called ‘Box of Sugar Cookies’.

It’s an intoxicating combination of buttermilk, sugar and caramel, it smells like you’ve just walked into a bakery. I’m also about to release my new seasonal winter collection over the next few weeks which will include three scents.

  • ‘Winter Wonderland’
    This is a unique blend of peppermint, cherries and sugar, it smells like a frosty winter day!
  • ‘Walk through the Forest’
    This woody scent smells of cedarwood, bergamot and lemon. This candle makes me think of a deep winding forest from a fairy-tale, it makes me feel nice and cosy on a cold winter night.
  • ‘Spiced Mulled Wine’
    This warm and sweet candle smells exactly like a mug of mulled wine, with scents of cinnamon, red wine and raspberry.

Impact the atmosphere in your home with Soul Comfort Candles. To purchase your home’s new smell go to

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