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All Natural Nourishment For Our Skin – Ibimi Botanicals

All Natural Nourishment For Our Skin – Ibimi Botanicals

“Think about quality skin care like this; do you feel better when you eat fresh produce or fast food? Our bodies work so much more efficiently when we give them what they need!”

– Kyla Jaworski, Ibimi Botanicals

Introducing Ibimi Botanicals. A quality skin care line created for problem skin issues with the sole use of natural products that are good for your body as a whole.

Here is creator Kyla Jaworski to tell us more of how Ibimi Botanicals was started.

  1. Can you recall the season in which you founded Ibimi Botanicals? What caused this start?

I started Ibimi Botanicals after personally struggling with skin issues for years. My skin is very sensitive and acne-prone, so growing up we tried just about every pharmaceutical-grade product available. I even took a daily antibiotic prescription for several years, which really messed with my body’s natural balance.

My family has been growing cranberries for a few generations, so I grew up understanding the powerful health benefits this fruit has. I’m constantly finding ways to sneak some berries into my daily diet. What I had not realized up until this point is that the same anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and soothing properties we enjoy when we eat cranberries can be applied directly to our skin.

Cold-pressed cranberry seed oil is a natural powerhouse of skin-loving components and it absorbs beautifully. I began applying straight cranberry seed oil to my skin everyday, and it actually started to look better than it had with all of those expensive and toxic prescriptions! This made me start researching the ingredients in my favorite products, and I was pretty shocked.

So many beauty ingredients are not only toxic, but actually make certain skin issues worse! Ibimi Botanicals is all about bringing out your natural beauty, without these harsh chemicals. I want the women who use our products to have a spa-like experience everyday and to be confident in bringing out their own, unique, natural beauty.

  1. Why is natural skin care important to you? And why ought it be important for moms?

I never used to think much about what I put on my skin, other than “It better work!”

Little did I know that my skin tends to break out from being too dry, and that most acids, such as hyaluronic and salicylic, commonly found in acne products can cause dry skin. It’s actually quite the vicious cycle.

I also had no clue, like most women, that many of these ingredients are known to disrupt hormones, cause cancer, and do many other less-than-pleasant things to our bodies and the environment. A lot of people either ignore how absorbent their skin is, or simply have never realized how interconnected our bodies really are.

Think of transdermal medicines and nicotine patches. These products work well and enter our blood streams even though they just sit on our skin. When you start considering the fact that some of the chemicals that touch our skin actually enter our bloodstream, and therefore every other part of our body, you might start wondering about the products you use.

There are some great databases online that provide research on specific skincare ingredients. Search for your favorite brands, and see for yourself whether or not they align with what’s important to you.

  1. Many believe natural skin care is not as effective as chemical? What are some benefits of Ibimi Botanicals that would surprise them?

So many of the ingredients mainstream brands use are known carcinogens and hormone-disrupters. It might not seem like a big deal, but when we use the same products every day, it starts to add up.

There is more and more research conducted that proves our bodies cannot fully eliminate compounding toxins.

One way to think about it: do you feel better when you eat fresh produce or fast food? Our bodies work so much more efficiently when we give them what they need! There are some fantastic natural alternatives to harsh chemicals.

For example, in our serum, we wanted to make sure that it helped with anti-aging. A lot of other brands use retinol, which works wonders, but long-term use has recently been associated with damaged skin and potentially worse aging later on. Like many things in our modern lifestyle, we’ve become too obsessed with immediate results and tend to ignore possible long-term side effects.

Retinol works by increasing skin cell turnover, basically bringing new fresh skin to the surface. However, it’s pretty intense and there is a lot of new thought that we might be abusing this particular ingredient.

There is a natural alternative that also promotes skin cell turnover, but at a slower, easier rate. It’s called bakuchiol or bakuchi oil and comes from the babchi plant. It’s all natural, less harsh, better for long term use, but still wonderfully effective.

  1. What are three must-have products for moms from Ibimi Botanicals?

I would definitely suggest The Serum, our signature product. Our customers love that it makes their skin feel smoother, tighter, and it absorbs quickly.

Depending on your skin type, you can use it several times a week up to twice a day (I actually use it all over my body after each shower, and under my makeup in the morning!).

Another fan favorite is The Toner, which is a natural lightly scented rose hydrosol mist. It uses mandarin essential oil so it’s amazing for hot summer days and also very refreshing in the winter.

We are also in the middle of our first ever bodycare launch! Our Hemp & Eucalyptus Body Wash is mild, fresh, and great on sensitive skin. We have a full body care line in the works. I won’t ruin the surprise, but rest assured it will show your body as much love as our signature products do for your face!

Your skin deserves the best line of product. Go to to find your ideal product today!

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