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Your Summer Look – Peachy Keen Boutique

Your Summer Look – Peachy Keen Boutique

The sun has been shinning brighter and my mood is getting better because it’s almost summer time. I had a look in my closet the other day to take inventory on the summer styles I had available to me.

At first glance I thought, oh great there’s lots of shorts! Then I put a pair on… A pair that used to fit me so well I would wear it with a blazer to work. This time, it fit me like underwear. I kid you not!

My butt was hanging out the back. And I used to wear this to work?! Three years ago… When I was forty pounds lighter. I still blame the pandemic for these new found pounds.

I looked into some of my average go to shops at the mall and found it was hard to find clothes that fit me in styles I liked. The designs were definitely tailored to small girls. And I’m not a very big girl, but my curves mean that some styles make me look like I’m trying to steal another woman’s man- to put it lightly.

All inclusive sized shops are not easy to come by and this is why I’m so excited to talk about Peachy Keen Boutique. A size inclusive boutique with styles of clothing made for curves.

  1. What does size inclusive mean and why is this an important factor for Peachy Keen Boutique?

Size inclusive means the styles we carry come in missy sizes (S-L/XL) as well as plus, or curvy, sizes (1XL-3XL). I would say about 90% of our offerings are also available in curvy. It’s an important factor for Peachy Keen because I want to be able to help women of all sizes feel beautiful! In the fashion industry it’s such a cliche to have tall, skinny, size 0-2 models, but in my eyes, being real and sharing styles for average size women is top priority.

  1. What styles of clothing do you offer?

Peachy Keen has multiple different styles, but I would say our defining style would be an eclectic mix of modern and boho. We are still growing, but love to offer basics, denim, even dressier, occasion wear.

  1. What does an ideal shopping experience look like to you?

I worked at Francesca’s for years and if you’ve ever shopped at Francesca’s, you know guest experience is top priority.

From having this ingrained in my brain – my ideal shopping experience includes getting to know your guest and making a new friend! Making sure I know if they need any help, or maybe if they’re looking for something specific.

I love getting to know my guests and learning their style so I can help them pair the perfect outfit together! I love styling and making personal recommendations. I have the most fun when the guest becomes a friend!

  1. What would you say to someone to encourage them to shop small?

I’m constantly promoting shopping small – and not just clothing or gift retail! Grocery stores, local restaurants, etc. I always stress how important it is that your purchases and revenue goes back into the economy and helps grow your local community.

Your purchases at these local establishments help feed and house people who LIVE in your community- maybe even your neighbor! I think my favorite phrase I recently saw a friend share on Facebook said: “Amazon doesn’t sponsor your kid’s baseball team”.

Is every local business owner going to sponsor your kid’s baseball team? No. However, it’s a priority to me as a business owner to get involved in my community and do as much as I can to donate to different organizations – whether that be a dollar donation or volunteering my time.

  1. Juggling a full-time job while running your shop and being a mom! How do you keep on top of everything while showing yourself grace in your limitations?

Ha! This is actually a really popular topic I get asked about. People think I’m crazy. Here’s the thing – I definitely have my lazy days (my fiance would attest to that). But, what truly keeps me sane is my fiance’s support and my intense motivation.

I have so much motivation to create a beautiful shopping experience for others and so much support and encouragement. I want my daughter to grow up seeing how much her mom and dad push to be successful and support each other.

The work ethic, and motivation is something I want her to be able to clearly see. Keeping myself on top of everything includes a lot of sticky notes, phone reminders, and to-do lists. My fiance working with my crazy schedule and high demands is also a plus!

  1. Why is it worth it for you to keep up with these numerous roles you play as an entrepreneur, mom and full time worker?

My full time job is actually in marketing. I’m an account executive for a company who hosts digital marketing solutions as well as 30 radio stations.

I love my job! I get to connect with other business owners, meet new people, and help them grow their businesses! It’s worth it to me because I get to help and see others succeed while also networking.

I want my daughter to see how committed and hardworking both of her parents are, in hopes she will establish the same work ethic. With that being said, I still try my hardest to show my family they are my top priority. I want my daughter to see that following your dreams can be done at the same time as growing your family!

Where you choose to buy your clothes matters more than the clothes you buy. And yet Peachy Keen is the place to go for vast options in sizes and styles as well as genuine service and community.

To shop go to to find your summer look!

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