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Expressing Faith in Fashion – Wilde Galz Boutique

Expressing Faith in Fashion – Wilde Galz Boutique

“I was in a dark place when I decided to start my business, but in spite of the circumstances, its my faith that keeps me grounded and with a sound mind.”

Kirashae Wilder, Founder of Wilde Galz Boutique

I am in absolute awe of this woman of God who overcame every scary situation the world could throw at her and birthed a business that celebrates the grace of Jesus Christ to strengthen us in these times.

Wildegalz Boutique is more than a clothing brand. It is a testimony! One that inspires those that wear it. I had the opportunity to learn more from the founder of Wildegalz Boutique. Here is the story of founder Kirashae Wilder:

Can you tell us what the defining moment was for you when you realized you needed to start working on your passions?

I had been on a leave of absence for the past 5 months caring for my husband who suffers from End Stage Renal Disease because of Lupus Nephritis. I had just gone back to work and had my End of Year Review with my boss and the feedback was horrible. I felt like I was on the verge of losing my job. On top of that, I was working from what we believed to be my husband’s death bed.

There I was, thinking I was about to be a widowed unemployed mother of two girls. I thought about who I was before marriage and motherhood and realized I had lost myself in these newfound roles of life. I felt like I needed something to make ME happy. I realized I had spent so much time, making others happy I had completely forgot about, Kira.

So many emotions flooded me as I sat next to my ailing husband. I’m not sure how I landed on starting a business, but I’m so glad I did. It’s definitely my happy place.

What is the significance of including faith based messages on your clothing?

I was in a dark place when I decided to start my business, but in spite of the circumstances, its my faith that keeps me grounded and with a sound mind.

Merci Jesus is not just something I came up with lightly, Jesus is literally what brought me out of that dark place. In that moment of disparity and uncertainty He remained constant. That was my “Thank You Jesus moment.” I encourage each of my customers to find theirs too!

Each shirt in our store (FAVOR, Show Some Grace, God’s Grace, etc.) each have their own little testimony attached to it. Every shirt you see in our store has some type of biblical or personal meaning behind it.

Your shop started out with a focus on kids and changed to focus on women as well. What initiated this change?

I have gained a significant amount of weight and I knew I didn’t want to be the face of my brand. But I have these two beautiful girls who I live vicariously through, so I thought it would be great to sell children’s clothing for other girl moms.

I still wanted to include items for mommy too. Ironically, the women’s clothing sold more than the girl’s clothing. Simply put, the clothes did not sell. However, later I realized that I said this business was something I did for me, but I was still making it about someone else, my girls. I’ve been selling women’s clothing ever since.

What can customers expect from the quality of your clothing?

I am very strategic about each piece I choose to add to my store. When it comes to my t shirts, I only buy one brand and maybe one other. I refuse to deviate much because I know the quality is the best. Yes, it’s pricier, but I want my ladies in the very best because we deserve to not only look good but feel good in our clothing!

When it comes to the clothing ( our skirts and dreses), there has been much trial and error there, but I have found a few brands I know I can count on! If the quality is not the best, it’s not making its way into my store. Period.

I want my customers to know that they are the most important component to Wildegalz Boutique; how they look and feel in our clothing is my top priority!

A clothing brand should inspire its customers and influence their perspective on life. Wilde Galz Boutique does just that! To shop go to

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