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Better For Our Health & The Environment – Kind Laundry

Better For Our Health & The Environment – Kind Laundry

I’m a mom so naturally I’m skilled at running a laundromat, haha. Have you moms noticed all day every day there is laundry to be done?

Especially when potty training, you can guarantee the sound of the washer and dryer going will be the sound track of my life. Because the whole house smells like pee if I don’t get bedding and clothing washed right away after an accident.

The other day I thought to myself, is it safe how often I have to put my kids’ clothing into the wash? And I’m not talking about the clothing holding up to the constant washing, I’m talking about all of the chemicals being more and more present in the clothing and bedding after every wash every day.

Sometimes I even forget clean laundry in the dryer while it’s still slightly damp and it gets so stinky so quickly that I have to rewash it again!

My mother’s instinct was right, these chemicals constantly in contact with the material we have on our skin is not safe. Not to mention, if you knew how many bottles of detergent our family went through every month- you’d say a prayer for the earth. That’s a lot of plastic bottles!

Thank God for Kind Laundry! Laundry detergent that’s kind to the environment and our health. Plus they don’t come in heavy bottles which is always hard on my back when pouring.

Here is founder of Kind Laundry, Angie to tell us more:

“Our Kind Laundry Laundry Detergent Sheets are biodegradable and only contain 5 simple non-toxic and plant-derived ingredients. It is zero waste and reducing transport fuel consumption and carbon emission by 94% due to its ultra lightweight packaging.

Traditional detergent contains more than 25+ toxic ingredients that are harmful for the planet, your laundry and your health.

They are mostly made up of 90% water and unnecessary surfactants like UV brightener, dyes, and suds…. to give the illusion that it’s cleaning your clothes better, but it’s actually not.

Kind Laundry detergent has the same (if not STRONGER) cleaning power than liquid detergent. Best of all, there is no more messy measuring cups and all our sheets are pre-measured.

Our mission is to eliminate single-use plastic laundry detergent jugs. Here is a shocking fact! We dump the equivalent of one garbage truck load of plastic into the ocean EVERY MINUTE.

The plastic that we use once, stays on this planet forever. Conventional detergents are made in single-use plastic.They break down into micro plastic and gets into the water we drink, the food we eat and even the air we breath. Animals choke on these plastics and we destroy our own ecosystem.

Conventional detergents contain up to 25+ toxic ingredients which can also be irritating to the skin from the dyes, fragrance and unnecessary chemicals added to it to make the detergent appear brighter, smell strong or appear more sudsy – but none of those actually cleans the clothes better. This can create skin issues and allergies to a newborn early on in life.

When it comes to price, most eco-friendly detergents are priced between .20 – .30 cents per load. Our detergent sheets are as low as .28 cents per load.

Conventional detergents can be lower than .20 but their single-use packaging and harmful ingredients is why they are able to price much lower. Our goal is to offer an eco-friendly alternative at a reasonable price.

Kind Laundry was created during a season when my partner and I were fighting in the laundry because of the mess we created from the goopy measuring cup. We felt, those jugs also take up so much space in our recycling bin…there had to be a way.

David Attenborough’s Nexflix documentary “A Life On Our Planet” opened our eyes to the current state of the planet to to humanity’s impact on nature.

Kind Laundry is available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia for now. To shop go to

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