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Safe, Comfortable & Long Lasting – Peregrine KidsWear

Safe, Comfortable & Long Lasting – Peregrine KidsWear

One of the things I was most excited for when pregnant with my first born was the clothes. Especially after finding out I was having a girl. I however didn’t realize I was not the only one excited about dressing my child.

My husband and I lived in Australia at this time as international students. All our family was back home in Canada. I thought this would leave the task of purchasing clothes for our new baby completely up to us. That was far from the case.

We received package after package of clothing purchased by family members. There was initially excitement about these numerous clothing options. I could literally do multiple outfit changes each day just for fun.

But after our girl was born we learned a lot about the numerous items we got. They didn’t last long. Some items lost their softness shortly after the first wash. Many lost their shape. Many clothing items had material she was allergic to. She would break out in a nasty rash.

Because of the difference in weather compared to Canada, many items were simply not our daughter’s size in time for the weather change.

I knew I would want to change my daughter’s outfits for fun, but I had no idea I would have to change her outfit simply for functionality. Despite the numerous clothing pieces we had, most of them simply did not work.

Now as a mom of two, I’ve learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work for the clothing our kids wear. There are simply some brands that don’t use the right material or dyes for our kids. Many items for kids weren’t made to last long. And with two kids, we thrive on hand me downs.

One type of children’s clothing I love most is bamboo. Yes, bamboo clothing! Putting my girls in clothing made from natural material makes me feel safe.

One business with bamboo clothing for kids is Peregrine KidsWear. Founder Kristie Case explains more about these natural clothing pieces with fun and unique designs for kids:

“I discovered bamboo fabric when my daughter was a baby, and from the second I felt it I knew this fabric was going to revolutionize the clothing industry. It has an incredibly soft feel that’s cool and silky smooth.

It’s something you definitely want to wrap your babies up in! Plus, it’s so light weight and stretchy that I could tell it would allow garments to fit a lot longer than traditional cotton garments.

I also really loved that bamboo is naturally abundant. It’s the fastest growing plant on earth and it takes very few resources to help it grow, which makes it a sustainable choice. This was important to me.

Last, the temperature regulating properties of bamboo mean it’s comfortable no matter the temperature, which is a really valuable asset in baby clothes when you can’t be sure what size will fit at what time of year.

It makes buying baby clothes easier knowing Peregrine pieces will be comfortable no matter when they fit, unlike traditional fleece or cotton pajamas that work for a specific season. Additionally, because bamboo is so stretchy, little ones don’t grow out of them as fast!

Peregrines started with a goal to create more options for children, beyond pink and blue. We strive to create prints that appeal to both boys and girls. We don’t have a boys section or a girls section on our site because we passionately believe all prints are for everyone. Put those boys in florals! Put your girls in space prints! We create artwork that sparks joy independent of gender. These are hand me downs you can share with anyone!”

For clothing that is functional, sustainable and comfortable look no further than Peregrine KidsWear. Go to to shop now.

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