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Fair Trade. Ethical. Good for you. – Ayr Skin Care

Fair Trade. Ethical. Good for you. – Ayr Skin Care

What I put on my skin can be costly to those living in impoverished and developing nations. Wow! That carries a lot of weight and responsibility.

With that in mind it’s of the utmost importance we know more about the brands we use.

We at Maturing Mama want to present to you the best fair trade and ethical businesses that put the work in to ensuring the future of our children and those around the world.

One such business is Ayr Skin Care. Here is founder Kirsten to tell us more about the Ayr Skin Care brand:

Ayr Skin Care was started because of my lifetime of allergies to perfumes, gluten, soy, dairy, and a million other things. I couldn’t find anything that my skin could tolerate, no matter the cost.

Ayr Skin Care makes products for sensitive skin. We have our own gluten and soy free facility (which is unheard of), where everything is made in small batches. All of our soaps are made by hand and hand swirled. There are no perfumes, colors and they are mica free.

Our moral is, “Healthy Skin, Beautiful You.” Meaning we want to instill positivity from the inside out while nourishing, (not just covering up), the skin.

Ayr Skin Care uses ingredients that don’t involve child indentured slavery (most mica mines do this). We buy environment and animal safe palm oil products, coconut and more.

Ayr Skin Care is vegan and 100% certified cruelty free. This means that none of our suppliers test or have tested anywhere in the world with animals involved. These practices are dear to our hearts.

We research every single ingredient which goes into our products, as well as the vendors we use to guarantee we know exactly where everything comes from and can ensure we are using ethical practices.

It is 4x the cost to buy fair trade, and at least 2-3x the cost to buy organic and we do both. If Ayr Skin Care has created a formula with regular oil, like argan, and we suddenly find a great fair trade that sources it, we will swap it out even if we lose money – it is that important to us.

So, you can see, that by hand making, doing the research, and putting life and well being first, we are truly a unique company.

We source Fair Trade ingredients from around the world, where workers (typically 80% women), are not only paid a fair wage and are safe, but their children have the opportunity to go to school and receive health care.

For our fair trade groups in Senegal, Kenya and Ghana, this can literally change the future of a village. Girls who attend school are less likely to become pregnant early, get social diseases and die early. They are more likely to value their education and get their own children educated.

We now have products for all ages, with particular attention to the age range of young mothers with our Calm Facial bar, our Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash, and our Serenity Balancing Blue Tansy Facial Oil.

The Balancing Blue Tansy Facial Oil is especially ideal for moms as it was developed to help relax the mind as well as nourish the skin. Its antibacterial properties make for ideal use during this pandemic after wearing face masks.

Taking in the fragrance of the essential oils incorporated within this facial oil allows a moment of serenity for the busy mom with young kids.

Visit using discount code “MAMA20” for 20%off, (till August 2021), to discover the skin care product that’s right for you and to learn more about the ingredients we do and do not use.

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