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WENVIA – Our Mother’s Day Must Have for Plant-Based Skin Care Products

WENVIA – Our Mother’s Day Must Have for Plant-Based Skin Care Products

Here’s the reality of being a mom – we are constantly in desperate need of a day at the spa!

No wonder it’s where the Real Housewives seem to spend most of their time. I mean, if you can afford it, why not?! But for us average moms with modest budgets, we need to make the most of the small spa- like moments we can have at home.

The number one spa-like experience in every mother’s home is her shower. It’s the warm steam that fills the room along with the massaging drops of water on their bodies. Elevating that experience is the products used on their skin.

That’s why WENVIA is my go-to shop for all things soap and self-care. And that’s why Maturing Mama has listed WENVIA as a staple Mother’s Day (and everyday)  must have!

In this day and age, it’s of the utmost importance we know what we’re putting on our bodies. And what stands out most for me about WENVIA products are the natural colors and ingredients used  , along with its featured scents which are derived from essential oils. 

Isn’t it odd that large, name brand soaps list plant and fruit ingredients in their products  but you can’t see it? These soaps are usually  a simple white bar.

So I ask myself the question, why is my generic brand pomegranate soap not actually the color of pomegranate seeds? And why are there no components of the seeds seen within the bar? This raises a red flag and  leads me to believe that synthetic materials are likely  used in those products. Such chemicals are not worth the risk of putting onto our bodies.

WENVIA’s entire product line is the complete opposite.  It has a positive, lasting effect on the health of our bodies  because  of the natural ingredients used within them.

Here is Wendy, the creator and founder of WENVIA  to tell us more:

“I’ve always been drawn to living a simple life and am constantly fascinated by the power and beauty of nature.  Learning how herbs and plants from the earth can heal and nourish the body is truly amazing!

Though I had started dabbling in creating natural, homemade skincare products several years ago, it wasn’t until early 2020 when I became obsessed with learning about natural beauty skin products.”

Maturing Mama Blogger Lindsay had the opportunity to try some of the products that Wendy has created, and here is what she had to say:

“I received the Mother’s Day Gift Set, and I highly recommend it! From the first time I saw this company’s website, I was so impressed with how beautiful the soaps are, and they do not disappoint in person!

You can see the fine attention to detail and the care and effort used to create these products. They leave your skin feeling so clean and nourished at the same time!

I also tried the Rose Glow Facial Serum. It contains a special blend of skin-loving oils and absorbs easily and beautifully into my skin with no greasy residue.

The Luxurious Lotion Bar has a wonderful, clean, soothing scent; and that absorbs beautifully with no greasy residue!

My Mother’s Day gift set also came with the Lavender Bath Salts, and those were such a treat! It made my bath smell like a spa!

I absolutely love knowing that these products are hand-crafted and so carefully and thoughtfully made. When I purchase a product from WENVIA, I know that they are made from natural, high-quality ingredients.”

As Wendy says,

“These ingredients are meticulously selected from our partners who source high-quality supplies that are plant-based and cruelty-free. All products can be rooted to using natural ingredients so that you know exactly what goes into every product, and more importantly, onto your skin.”


That is a company that I am excited to get behind!”

You can check out all of WENVIA’s products, including this Mother’s Day Must Have at and enjoy 20% off your order by using LOVEMAMA20 at checkout.

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