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Studious Monday – Modest Fashion

Studious Monday – Modest Fashion

Founder of Studious Monday Nawal Alsaeed wants to change the conversation about fashion; taking it from flashy to understated, and from profits to ethics. To Nawal, modesty is powerful and helps to foster individual and communal spiritual growth by balancing the pressures of outer beauty; thereby enabling her to live her values. Reimagining what is fashionable has inspired her to redefine modest wear, one design at a time.

Nawal grew up Muslim and proud, but often felt forgotten by the fashion industry. Along with modesty being so rare, she felt that ethics in this industry seemed so insignificant. She embraced the hijab (head-covering) at a young age and feels that she spent much of her formative years reconciling the various stigmas placed on her by society due to her outward appearance. Nawal’s goal is to help destigmatize modesty by continuing to make fashionable and versatile clothing for all women.

To make her clothing; Nawal carefully chooses natural, raw materials that are grown from the Earth (plant-based fibers such as cotton, bamboo, and tencel) and are treated and nurtured with love. Nawal also puts a great deal of thought and research into the companies that she chooses to work with to source these materials. Studious Monday also takes responsibility for its contribution to the world’s economical, social, and environmental issues, and they make sure that all packaging used is issue-free and eco-friendly.

Studious Monday has been in the works since 2018, and the original plan was to launch their premiere collection in April of 2020; but we all know how Covid has affected even the best-laid plans! They felt an urgent need to be a part of the solution in the midst of the pandemic, so they reconfigured their production and redirected their strengths to help to fulfill the need for personal protective gear.

In creating the Studious Monday face mask, they hope to offer durable face masks to all people (accounting for the functionality of masks for women in hijab) and do their part in helping bring people together and move forward. They currently have available a face shield, an antibacterial and waterproof mask, and Nano filter masks with more than 90% filtration efficiency.

Each new day begins with the important choice of what to wear. At Studious Monday, they believe that clothing communicates so much about us; from our values, and our personalities, to our moods. They aim to bring awareness and consciousness to our everyday choices, to create essentials that will inspire confidence, and to contribute to a more positive culture.

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