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Nadean Designs – Exquisitely Designed Boho Luxe Jewelry

Nadean Designs – Exquisitely Designed Boho Luxe Jewelry

On a relaxing afternoon, owner Deanna Gailey was taught how to make a pair of earrings by a dear friend. She had just completed medical school and her residency, and was somewhat reluctant to pick up a new hobby…
Within five years she built a jewelry business that successfully developed into a high fashion company! Her designs were sold in stores and boutiques such as Neiman-Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Banana republic.

With high-profile celebrity clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Paula Abdul, and Britney Spears; the company became prominent quickly! Her jewelry line was even featured in publications including Glamour, In-Style, Lucky, People, and Vogue. Believe me, you will not be surprised by any of this when you see these gorgeous pieces.
After selling her original business in 2003 to start a family, Deanna was faced with some trying times; so she decided to start turning her lemons into lemonade! This talented artist began teaching her ten-year-old daughter Natalie how to make and design jewelry. She wanted to pass on her passion and skill for jewelry making, found her own renewed passion for it, and found great joy in spending this special time with her daughter. 

Together, Natalie and Deanna began their Etsy shop in 2015, and they have been having some fun and an amazing time learning and growing each day. They hope to make their customer feel empowered and beautiful, and genuinely love forming connections and relationships with them. It brings them tremendous joy to see their jewelry come to life via photos sent by customers.  

As if I weren’t fangirling enough over this mother and daughter team, they also adopt and help to rescue pigs! They currently have two rescues at home, and a portion of their proceeds are donated to multiple pig sanctuaries throughout the year including Ironwood Pig Sanctuary, My Pig Filled Life Mini Pig Rescue, Over the Rainbow Pig Sanctuary, Central Texas Pig Rescue, Arthurs Acres, and Odd Man Inn. Pigs are incredibly intelligent, clean, and loyal animals; and Deanna has shared what a positive impact they have had on her life. 

Aside from the gorgeous jewelry, the heart behind this company is so inspiring. Natalie and Deanna have accomplished so much despite difficult odds, and still truly enjoy giving back.

Please check them out at and use coupon code MOM2021 for 12% off all orders of $100 or more!

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