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Belvedere Lavender – Toxin-free Lavender Skincare, Hand-Crafted With Love

Belvedere Lavender – Toxin-free Lavender Skincare, Hand-Crafted With Love

Owner Erik Wesseling created Belvedere Lavender as a way to honor the memory of his mother. Where his mom grew up in Europe, she’d look out of her house and see a beautiful view of farms that had been worked for centuries, and there was so much history and beauty entwined in that view. He decided to create high-quality lavender products that are vegan, kosher, and organic whenever possible.  

Erik has this to say about what makes lavender so special:

“Lavender is a wonderfully versatile plant. You find lavender as an ingredient in many types of skincare products, such as bath and skin products, items that promote relaxation and stress relief, and culinary products – including cookies, ice cream, and as seasonings.

Historically lavender has been used since 2500 BC, appearing in folktales for warding off evil spirits, promoting good dreams of lovers, and helping to restore energy. Recently as people have begun to focus on mental health, lavender has been scientifically proven to help reduce insomnia, promote relaxation and help de-stress. As we become busier, we turn back to folklore to find an all-natural, organic way to help us sleep better, to help us relax, and to help us cope with our busy lives.”

So many things I didn’t know about this miraculous plant! The positive benefits really tie into this company’s firm belief in self-care and their message of “It’s all about feeling good.”

This company has many gorgeous products ranging from their Anti-Aging Serum (yes please!), to face and eye cream, body butter, body oil, coffee body scrub, beard and hair oil, and more!

Each and every product that is crafted by this company is spa-quality while still being affordably priced. They believe that skincare should not be a luxury item, and that quality skincare products should not exclude anyone. This is why they have also created products that are vegan, kosher, and organic. They wanted to be sure that anyone following a vegan lifestyle, a kosher diet, or those who only use organic products can still reap the benefits of these wonderful products.

It is vitally important to Erik and his team that their customers feel safe and confident using their skincare products, and that they have a positive impact on their lives. They are completely transparent about the ingredients they use, and have a section of their website dedicated to information about each one so that customers can be informed.

The heart behind this company is to create products that are safe and good for you, so you can feel good about taking care of yourself. We all need some of that right now.

Please check them out at and use Mama21 at checkout for free shipping when you spend $75! *Offer expires June 23rd, 2021

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