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LeLiLLa Slow Fashion Concept Store – Choose Well. Buy Less. Make it Last.

LeLiLLa Slow Fashion Concept Store – Choose Well. Buy Less. Make it Last.

This gorgeous company was founded by owner Elide Brunati. Elide began thinking about what was important when her daughter Letizia (the original LeLiLLa) was born.

She realized that she only wanted to use natural fiber products; and wanted to do her best not to expose her daughter to the chemical agents, pesticides, and synthetic fibers found in many garments.

Her research opened her eyes to a parallel world called sustainable fashion, and inspired her to share all the best that she has found by starting LeLiLLa.

Sustainable fashion is all about encouraging consumers to buy fewer garments of high quality and durability; whereas fast fashion can generally be defined as mass-produced, cheap, low-quality, trendy clothing. The problems with this industry are wide and far-reaching.

To name a few; the pressure to reduce costs and speed up production causes environmental corners to be cut, and impacts garment workers that are forced to work in dangerous conditions for low wages without basic human rights.  

Elide is committed to offering brands that are attentive and passionate about sustainable fashion. She selects brands that share her values,  are high quality, and are versatile.

Garments that can easily be combined with each other to allow you to have a wardrobe with fewer but well-selected items.

She enjoys working with and supporting small businesses (often family-owned), and hopes that she can help to bring awareness to the health of people and the environment via her company and her actions. Please visit for more information!

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