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Essential Essence Inc – Experience the Elegance of Nature

Essential Essence Inc – Experience the Elegance of Nature

Meet momtrepreneur Dee McCray. This lifelong candle lover was very concerned when she discovered that most of her favorite brands contained harmful chemicals and unnecessary additives. Sadly, Dee’s daughter suffers from respiratory disease, so she wanted to be sure that any candle she burned was free from toxins. Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided that there was a need to be filled in the candle market and began her research. Dee discovered that soy wax burns clean, is all-natural and 100% non-toxic, and diffuses aroma naturally (paraffin candles must be blended with chemicals to release fragrance). She also learned that soy wax does not emit CO2; it is biodegradable, is made from a renewable source, and can burn up to 25-50% longer! 

In 2018, Dee began creating and pouring her all-natural soy candles with the intention of saving money using natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Finding a true love for the art of candle making, she began experimenting with delectable scents such as Snickerdoodle, Pearamel, Chocolatte, Mango Tango, Melon Mayhem, and Vintage Merlot. She started giving them away to family and friends, and they insisted that Dee start selling them because… yum!

Essential Essence Inc. is a one-woman business built from the ground up. As a single mom, Dee wants to teach her daughter about entrepreneurship. She believes that this is an incredibly important skill to build upon, especially during these uncertain times in the job market. It is also very important to her that Essential Essence Inc. is an eco-friendly company and takes great pride in reducing her carbon footprint.

Understanding the importance of supporting small businesses, Dee sources her ingredients locally in hopes that she can help others stay employed. Her goal is to continue creating quality, eco-friendly products while continuing to bring awareness to her current and future customers about the risk of harmful toxins. 

By using cotton wicks, scents that are free from phthalates, recyclable glass containers and 100% soy wax – Dee is doing her very best to make the world a healthier and more fragrant place!  

Please check out this amazing company at Essential Essence Inc. and use the code Maturemama20 for 20% off until December 31st!

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