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Courageous Hearts Co., Tie Dye Clothing For The Whole Family

Courageous Hearts Co., Tie Dye Clothing For The Whole Family

Courageous Hearts Co. turned 3 years old on October 15th. Hooray and Cheers! 

Founded by mum of 3 Ashley Conner, Courageous Hearts creates tie dye clothes for the whole family. Her sincere hope is that we will all love their products as much as they do. Let me tell you, this company does not disappoint!

Ashley was an absolute delight to work with from the start. We received a beautifully wrapped package containing a variety of shirts for myself and my two children. Ashley was so sweet and accommodating. She specifically asked whether my boys would like to try out some of her clothes, rather than just sending products for me. She made sure to ask our size, style, and color preferences so she could customize clothing for every single one of us.

The t-shirts are soft and very flattering. The fit is wonderful. It falls perfectly without tugging on all the areas you want it to be loose on.

The sweatshirts are extremely warm and inviting. The colors are so vibrant and much more beautiful in person than they were in pictures. It is so fun to go out in the world, especially in these trying times, and offer a pop of color and fun. 

I love matching with my boys. We will treasure this quality clothing for years to come. The nice part is, we can swap around as everyone grows! 

I was concerned that the colors would fade after washing but I followed their care instructions: 

For least fading and longest wear: Wash separate + cold water and hang or dry low. 

We can continue to go out in our statement clothing and stand out amongst the crowds for years to come!

There is clothing available for every age and size. 

Look through the many fun and colorful and fun options at: Courageous Hearts Co.

Use code MAMA15 for a 15% discount!

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