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Get Cozy This Holiday Season With Bj’s Pj’s Loungewear

Get Cozy This Holiday Season With Bj’s Pj’s Loungewear

Christmas is coming and that means some pretty fun gift exchanges are about to happen. Now that I’m older I look back on my experience of receiving gifts I loved and I realize, with each passing year my idea of the perfect gift changes.

One year it was a remote control monster truck. Another year it was arts and crafts. Another year make up. Another year jewelry. But out of all those random gift ideas, there’s one gift I’ve wanted most, always expected and still can’t wait for… Pyjamas.

As a child, teen and now adult I’ve loved pyjamas. I was raised in one of those families where the moment you entered the house, it was pyjama time! In fact I am still one of those moms who insist the moment we get through the door of our home, that we change into our pyjamas.

I remember as a teenager, a friend of mine said that her parents had a rule. The moment you get out of bed you must change out of your pyjamas. No one outside of your room should see you in your pyjamas because it’s inappropriate… I gave her my sincerest condolences.

The best part of being in my own house, with my own family is wearing whatever I’m most comfortable in and that would be pyjamas.

In the holiday season I can guarantee come Christmas Eve, there will be a pyjama set under the tree waiting for me. There’s usually one goofy Christmas themed set from my mom and a sexy set from my husband. There’s truly nothing more exciting for me than finding a pyjama set that fits perfectly and is super comfy. Bonus points if it makes me look sexy!

BJ’s PJs keeps these factors in mind in the creation of their lounge wear and pyjama sets. I’m the type that hates wearing a bra but loves the support. BJ’s PJs sets for women have built in bras that keep me supported but not restricted.

I love my goofy Christmas themed pyjamas but let’s be honest, I’m not going to wear them all year. BJ’s PJs sets come in the sexiest shades that are everyone’s ideal shade. Suitable for year around wear. I personally believe black is always slimming, so that would be my go to shade. Add some red lipstick to that outfit and suddenly, I’m my husband’s Christmas gift.

BJs PJs are available for world wide shipping, in sizes suitable for pregnancy and postpartum! Look out wives, because they have sets for the men as well!

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