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Fizzy FUNtastics – Putting the FUN in crafting while creating gifts and memories

Fizzy FUNtastics – Putting the FUN in crafting while creating gifts and memories

My heart behind Fizzy FUNtastics is to grow my business so that it benefits other people.

I’ve been making cold process soap for almost 10 years. As time went on, I slowly started making other bath and beauty products. It took a while to perfect the bath bomb recipe, and then it occurred to me how fun it would be to create a DIY kit.

All the kits are assembled at home by me! I buy large quantities of bulk ingredients and package everything myself. When I need some extra hands, especially during the holiday season, our kids get in on the action too.

Each kit contains all of the ingredients you will need to make 7 bath bombs. Baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, corn starch, fragrance oil, olive oil, colorant, gloves, the mold, and instructions. All you need is a bowl and 1 tsp (5 ml) of water.

In creating the scents, I’ve tried to pick a wide range that will appeal to people’s different preferences. The scents can also be occasion-based; for example, Birthday Cake is a very popular choice for a birthday gift, Lavender is great for Mother’s Day, and Jack Frost is perfect for Christmas. Monkey Farts is just always good for a giggle!

With the help of an adult or older child, kids as young as 4 can use these kits to create bath bombs. By about age 8, most kiddos can make them independently. I also include cupcake papers in case the round mold is tricky. You can use these to make a little “cupcake” by packing the mix into the paper in a muffin tin.

Along with the Bath Bomb kits, I have also created Melt and Pour Soap and Lip Balm Kits. These kits make excellent gifts and create magical moments of crafting and fun bath times!

To take a look at these FUNtastic kits, head over to Fizzy FUNtastics.

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You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram:

Facebook: @fizzyfuntastics

IG @fizzyfuntastics

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