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One Of A Kind Gifts For The Man In Your Life Can Take Father’s Day To Another Level

One Of A Kind Gifts For The Man In Your Life Can Take Father’s Day To Another Level

My husband and I are not smokers in any way. I have asthma. So I’ll die haha. My husband has never enjoyed lighting up a cigarette. Good thing too, because I’d kill him! (I’m not raising two kids on my own).

There is an aspect of manhood that I won’t touch though. A tradition that has long since initiated the start of a new journey or relationship. One that is more about celebrating the moment with brothers than about getting high or simply relieving stress.

Enjoying a cigar with friends. An act that has bonded a room full of men. It’s instilled a feeling of pride and community. An act past down from generations of sophisticated men.

My husband always lets me know when he’s decided to enjoy a cigar with friends. One of these moments was when he reunited with an old friend. Another when the company he worked with celebrated a new business deal.

For Father’s Day I want to give my husband the tools to celebrate. A box of the finest cigars and accessories to match.

Unique and affordable cigar accessories are difficult to come by. So I was over the moon when I found Storcks Designs!

Created by husband and wife power pair Rich and Jennifer. Their concrete ashtrays are made by hand from their home on the Jersey Shore.  

They both hand dye and hand pour the concrete to get that cool marble affect. 
We have a US Patent on this single cigar ashtray as Rich creates his own one of a kind molds. He designed this to fit a cigar perfectly.  

According to my husband the ashtray is very sturdy which he is quite happy about. He expects it was made to last.

Storcks Designs ashtrays are made of concrete that is triple sealed with cork on the bottom, making it mold resistant and incapable of scratching your table.

These ashtrays are great for the outdoors as they will not blow away and can hold up to outdoor elements. But they are beautiful enough to also use indoors. Storks Designs call them a functional art.  

Jesiah had a hard time choosing between the 5 available colors;  solid black, black & white, terracotta marbled, green marbled and blue marbled.  

They also come in sets with a coaster and in a larger 4 holster style as well.  

These custom made ashtrays come ready to gift in signature cotton drawstring bags.

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