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Stay at Home Mom turned Momtreprenuer

Stay at Home Mom turned Momtreprenuer

The story behind Little Foots Jewelry all started with a statistic…1 in 7.

I am 1 in 7. I am here to share my story and to be a voice for Postpartum Depression and reassure you, you are NOT alone. 

Before I became a mom, I was a night shift healthcare professional. I would work 12-13 hours, running on little to no sleep in between shifts. I thought oh if I can do this, motherhood is totally for me! Man, was I young  and naive! There is no comparison. They say “Ain’t no hood like Motherhood” for a reason… 

I read every book, article, and magazine I could find about becoming a mom and what to expect, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to follow. 

My pregnancy was hard, even getting pregnant was a struggle. I was 123 pounds when I found out I was pregnant and gained 65-70 pounds..yeah I’m not writing down the number. You can do the math. Lol. I swelled beyond belief. I was uncomfortable, moody, and I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore. But that little miracle baby was the surprise we never knew we needed. He has shaped me into the woman I am today. Good and bad, I am a mom. I am a warrior and survivor of PPD and everything that comes with it. The anxiety, mom guilt, rage, hormones, stress, you name it. But if I can fight through it, you can too! Women are amazing and resilient! Some days you will feel like a failure; others like you are in total control. I just want to remind you to keep moving, keep going forward, push through, and get the help you need. You have little ones who depend on you. 

I unfortunately suffered in silence. I grew up a shy, quiet kid and always had trouble expressing my feelings, except through writing. Writing is my outlet, my escape, my voice when the words are too hard to speak. With that being said, I only told one friend.. My parents had an idea but weren’t sure how I really felt. I’ve always been an open book, until PPD hit me like a train. It threw me off guard and I shut down. Shut down from the world, my husband, my friends, even family…but I made it! Now I am here to share my story and what brought me to my newest adventure, Little Foots Jewelry! I specialize in breastmilk jewelry and custom keepsakes. I turn your breastfeeding journey into jewelry you can cherish forever. I also make keepsakes for mamas who choose not to breastfed. I work with breastmilk, encapsulated placenta, hair, umbilical stump, pieces of clothing, wedding bouquet flowers, cremation ashes, the possibilities are endless! Any inclusions can be added to any jewelry setting. 

On my website, Little Foots Jewelry, you will find a segment of my story I pasted below. 

“I suffered from PPD and struggled with breastfeeding. The baby & I just couldn’t figure it out so I exclusively pumped for almost 6 months before switching to formula. Fast forward 16 months later, my Cole baby was born and breastfed perfectly. Why am I telling you all this?! To show you every mother’s journey is different. Every baby is different. I strive to make my jewelry pieces as unique as you are! After struggling and a learning curve with my first son I wanted to use the last bit of breast milk I had to create something I could keep as a reminder of how strong I was in such a difficult time. As a new mom, I understand finances don’t always come easy. I wanted to design jewelry that shows quality, uniqueness, value, longevity, and showcase a price that is affordable. Everything is custom made and every breast milk is different colors; therefore, every jewelry piece will vary. Some women’s milk can be very white almost pearl looking while others can have a tan or blueish tint. The materials I use include a UV Stabilizer chemical that prevents your milk from ever turning yellow. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I hope my jewelry can also be a reminder to you that, Momma, you are a superhero.” 

My jewelry line was created with one thing in mind: You! For me as a new mom, I know my body went through a lot of changes. I gained weight and swelled to the point my rings didn’t fit me anymore. I chose for my jewelry collection to offer rings that are adjustable with mothers in mind as well as the standard fit (sizes 4-12). You will be able to wear the jewelry piece during every season of your life, pregnancy and everyday. That’s my promise to you.

I love connecting and empowering other women. As a new mom, I too have struggled with PPD and would LOVE to be a voice for that. I want moms to know, motherhood is a journey. A beautiful, messy, amazing journey. I am a strong breastfeeding advocate now as well, as you can read from my bio on my website (under the “meet Mama Bear” tab). I struggled with PPD and breastfeeding so when my second son was born I didn’t give up. Giving up wasn’t an option this time. I wanted it to work! Breastfeeding was hard work, but has helped my mental health tremendously! I made a promise to myself that if I can make it through this chapter in life, I can make it through anything, and I will help others battling the same illness as me. I wanted my darkness to bring someone else light! I want my voice to be heard and hopefully help many women to get the help they need, that they deserve.. A lot of times after birth everyone focuses on the baby, but fails to look after the mom. A new baby isn’t the only one born, so is a mother. 

This is what led me to become a DNA Keepsake Artisan.

I am a Mama of 2 and I live in a small town here in East TN. I’m actually the very first and only Breastmilk Jewelry Keepsake Artisan in my area. 

I’m very proud of what I have overcome in my life, and excited to see where this new chapter will take me. 

Here are some of the 5 star reviews from my customers:

“Chasity was great to communicate with, completed and sent the order quickly, and did an amazing job. I love it!”

“Absolutely obsessed with this ring! I love showing it off and it’s a keepsake I’ll treasure forever 🙂 Shipping was fast and communication with the shop owner was perfect. Very satisfied!”

“Thank you so much. I’m truly amazed on how beautiful this ring is! Fast shipping time and how you communicated with me! I will be getting more in the future and referring you to all my friends!! Thank you!”

“The seller is very sweet! She updated me throughout the process and shipped so fast. The jewelry is absolutely stunning ❤️❤️”

“So beautiful ???? so happy with my purchase”

“I’m so happy with my purchase! I love it so much ???? thank you for my beautiful keepsake!!”

Take a look through all my keepsake options at: Little Foots Jewelry.

Use promo code LFJ15 for 15% off your total purchase!

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