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Cold Mountain Spa

Cold Mountain Spa

Located in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, this company was inspired by the pure glacial waters that came from the snow capped peaks near her mother’s hometown nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Cold Mountain Spa is dedicated to creating an all natural at home spa experience. Using ethically sourced essential oils from around the world and naturally sourced bases, these products are designed for all skin types.

Whether you want to relax, renew or revive, there is a product for everyone.

Scent specific custom work is available, along with single scent products, gift packages, and more! 

Look for a feature item every month at 20% off, and weekly giveaways! 

Frontline workers such as doctors, nurses, care aides, care home workers, always receive 20% off.

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My Mom started Cold Mountain Spice in 1999, and Cold Mountain Spa followed almost immediately. I helped her run her business and roped my friends in to helping make product. Five years ago, I was off work on WCB, and I was helping her make Pain Ease Oil for her practice (she’s a certified RMT now). I shared some photos and some friends asked if I could make some other things. That is when Cold Mountain Spa was reborn with my blends and products. 

When Covid hit and I was unable to work, it gave me the time and space I needed to expand my product lines and work on making this my career. My mom has restarted Cold Mountain Spice as a hobby as well, so we are doing quite a bit of collaborative work again.

All of my products are made with essential oils from a Canadian wholesaler.They source all the herbs for their essential oils where they grow indigenously, and do not add any buffer oils. I use pure sweet almond oil as a carrier, and paraben/sulphate free bath and shower gel and lotion as bases. I wanted a high quality end product that would mirror high end spa products so everyone can #bringthespahome and have a spa experience everyday. My blends are my own, as are my recipes. 

The process for coming up with the perfect formula for my products consisted mostly of a lot of smelling other products, seeing what else was out there in that kind of product, and mixing and experimenting with different essential oils to find the scent and balance I wanted. 

As I mentioned, the Pain Ease Oil was originally intended for my mother’s RMT practice, and she has aided in other formulas as well. However, all of my end products are my own. I actually developed Sunset Beach for myself initially, and it has become my best seller! Tranquil Earth was a custom blend for my best friend, and the Skin Nourishing products in the Relief Line were born out of a custom project for another friend with terrible eczema. The rest just fell into place bit by bit. 

The Care and Clean Lines are brand new this year, mostly born out of people wanting natural alternatives to commercial products for disinfecting because of Covid. My cleaner and hand sanitizer have been flying out the door, especially in thieves oil. I can’t use commercial products myself due to allergies and my birds, so coming up with alternatives was a natural process for me. 

I am 36 years old, single, have feather-babies, and spend most of my time at home working. I managed to cram eight years of university into six, only to discover teaching high-school wasn’t for me! I was also a bartender for 16 years. After working at a few coffee places, mixology came easy to me, and I now apply that to my business. As a slightly mad scientist, creative freak and closet nerd, running my own business feels like second nature.

Eventually I want to open a little shop that offers not only my own products, but also serves as a mini day spa that is affordable yet luxurious.

Maturing Mama blogger Kyler was sent a variety of products in a 15 item sample pack that is also available for sale. Here is what she had to say:

“First off, when I opened my Cold Mountain Spa box, I immediately smelled a fantastic mix of all the essential oils that were in the products in the box. I was thrilled to see a huge selection of trial vials filled with numerous different oil blends, lotions, bath salts, and sprays. There were even body washes and lotions. All the products had a color sticker on them that corresponded with a legend describing what each of them were. I thought this was such a fantastic way to send off such a wide variety of samples! I quickly opened each of them and began to notice how drastically different they smelled. Which, to me, meant that Cold Mountain Spa uses a wide variety of ingredients in order to perfectly tailor every single product to its specific purpose. That alone was very impressive to me. I first tried the Refreshing Rosewater Face Mist. It sure was refreshing! And it captured the rose scent perfectly. Such a bright, beautiful, uplifting smell. The lotions are light and moisturizing. Not at all heavy or oily. They absorbed into my skin fast and left a very nice scent that was not at all overpowering. The oils! They are going to disappear very quickly as I already have a purpose for each and every one. I am so happy with all the products I received from Cold Mountain Spa. Having everything in sample size is actually too much of a tease and now I know I need to get myself so many full size items! Cold Mountain Spa is a one stop shop for not only all your bath and body products, but your relaxation and sanitizing needs as well!”

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