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Prevent The Need For Braces, With Early Orthodontic Visits For Your Kids – Dream Orthodontics

Prevent The Need For Braces, With Early Orthodontic Visits For Your Kids – Dream Orthodontics

Did you know you can potentially save money on expensive orthodontic treatment for your kids and even prevent them from having braces if you get them seen as early as age five?

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends the first orthodontic visit around age 7.

Most people are under the impression that orthodontic treatment can only happen from the adolescent period and onward. But I found out from my orthodontist that it’s actually best to have kids seen the moment their adult teeth start coming in.

Most children will be ready for evaluation once their first permanent molars have broken through into the mouth.  This may vary from six to eight years of age, which is a great time to consider taking your child to an orthodontist for a consultation. Your child may not need treatment for a number of years, but you will have an idea what the future may bring and can make a long-term plan.

For my 5 year old daughter Esperanza, I noticed the moment she lost her bottom two front teeth that her adult teeth were growing in crooked. 

My husband and I both have had crooked teeth. For me, I get them from my dad who has overcrowded teeth. The moment I went for braces as an adult, I was told I had the same overcrowding and would need four teeth pulled in order to get my teeth straightened. 

These procedures were far from enjoyable, but the progress it has made in the straightening of my teeth has been major. You can read about this here. 

I took my daughter to Dream Orthodontics to have her first orthodontic check up with Dr. Morra. I felt very safe taking her despite the current pandemic with COVID-19. They have a thorough check-in process that verifies whether or not it is safe for each patient to enter the premises.  

My daughter was already familiar with the receptionist staff from pre COVID-19, when she would sit with her dad and sister in the waiting room playing during my appointment. 

In light of this, she was very excited to meet the rest of the staff. Once we got her into a chair for her examination, the staff member working with us informed me I could assist in opening Esperanza’s mouth using plastic instruments, so that necessary photos could be captured. 

Esperanza had quite a laugh at the faces she made while keeping her mouth open with these plastic instruments. 

Though she expressed some fear in having braces like mommy, she seemed excited to be experiencing an Orthodontic appointment like I have. 

Once photos were taken and loaded onto the computer, Dr. Morra came in and had a look at the different angles of photos that were taken. While she did this, she and Esperanza chatted about her starting kindergarten. Dr. Morra has a natural way of connecting with kids. 

We found out that Esperanza’s bottom front teeth were growing in crooked because she had overcrowding much like her mom and grandfather. However, because we brought her in for an Orthodontic check up early, we now have the opportunity to prevent her from having to get teeth pulled. 

Dr. Morra advised us to keep up with regular check-ups once every six months so she can monitor how her adult teeth continue to come in. This can assure immediate intervention. 

By the end of our orthodontic appointment, Esperanza was very happy that she hadn’t experienced any discomfort. And I was happy to have a plan set in place ensuring Esperanza can have a beautiful smile when her permanent teeth have all grown in. 

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