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Trick or Treat OR Stay Home?

Trick or Treat OR Stay Home?

Halloween is coming up. Have you thought about what you’ll be doing if you and the kids aren’t able to go door to door?

I know we don’t want to think about this at all. I mean it’s bad enough Easter wasn’t as it should have been. Thanksgiving was alright for some but not all.

For me personally, I fell super ill with the flu (thank God it was just that). So we had to cancel our guests coming over on short notice. Many families had to have dinner without extended families. But still it wasn’t horrible for most.

Halloween however is a tricky one. I mean it’s going door-to-door with the kids. Many families do simply put a bowl of candy out. Which could be fine so long as kids are wearing gloves when reaching in. Or maybe there’s a way of disinfecting the candy wrappers before opening them.

It’s still a little tricky to know for sure whether or not doing a traditional evening of trick-or-treating is a smart idea.

One option that’s a bit safer is going trick-or-treating at the mall. This is already a tradition that’s happened for years in our city. Shops hand out candy to kids so they don’t have to be outside in the freezing cold trick-or-treating.

I don’t know how many of you have had the opportunity to visit the malls recently but they’re really good about sanitization and social distancing. At least the malls here in BC are. They have mandatory hand sanitizer at each shop entrance and masks are required by all.

However this Halloween falls on a Saturday, which means it will likely be very crowded at the mall. Might not be alot of fun for the kids and for you keeping track of them while they’re running from shop to shop getting candy.

I personally am considering celebrating at home using a similar game we played for Esperanza’s birthday. Her birthday fell right at the first peek of COVID cases in April. At this time everyone here in BC was in some form of lockdown/isolation.

For Esperanza’s birthday we spent the day making a birthday cake and cupcakes all from scratch. We then played hide and seek in the dark with glow sticks.

For Halloween I was thinking we can do something similar with the addition of a candy scavenger hunt. We’ll put all our candy around the house where the kids can find them while hiding.

After speaking with my neighbors they offered the idea to simply go for a walk around the neighborhood to see all the Halloween decorations neighbors have put out.

In light of having spent many years on the receiving end of trick-or-treating I do feel convicted to still put candy out for potential trick-or-treaters- dumping the candy directly from the box to the bowl.

There’s some things to do that still involves keeping our family and the community safe this Halloween. What are some ideas you’ve thought of for celebrating Halloween?

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