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BJ’s PJs – Cotton. Comfort. Confidence.

BJ’s PJs – Cotton. Comfort. Confidence.


Let’s talk about loungewear and PJs. I have to admit, for all of my life up to a certain point, my loungewear and PJ style (and my entire idea of what this style itself should look like) has been sloppy, baggy, and incredibly unflattering from head to toe. It needs to be at least 2 sizes too big, hang off your body, and be made of some kind of fluffy material you would never dare wear outside of the house. I mean, if it’s not hideous, is it really that comfortable?

As a mom of 4 boys, I don’t get a lot of chances to care for or put effort into my daily style. Most of my time is spent doing housework, cooking, laundry, errands, yard work, schooling…and on and on. You all know what that list looks like. With all this work to do, the most important thing I can focus on first thing in the morning, is making sure I throw on something that is comfortable so I can go about my day unhindered by my choice of clothing. What does that look like? Baggy synthetic sweats and some kind of oversized unflattering shirt. 

The thing I have discovered recently is that I spend majority of my days feeling unkempt and never put together. At least not in any way that would help me to feel confident or have any desire to be seen.

Even worse are those days that I hit the ground running so hard and so fast from minute one of having my eyes open that I have absolutely no time to even put on a bra. I have to dart out to the mailbox as quickly as possible to avoid being seen in such a dire state. 

We mamas have unbelievable multi-tasking, chaos managing, to-do list conquering gusto that is of no comparison to anyone or anything else. So why for so many of us does this have to come at the expense of looking and feeling beautiful at the same time we are literally conquering the world. 

Or on the flip side, why when we take the time to put on something that looks more flattering, does it so often squeeze or poke or scratch in all the wrong places, making you desperate to tear it off at the quickest point possible in the day, so that you can throw back on that oversized sleeping bag of an outfit as soon as nobody is looking?

Inspiring women to feel more confident in their PJs and loungewear, BJ’s PJs offer the finest quality cotton, are Australian made with classic designs, and have stripped backs (they have removed all those annoying buttons, bows, collars, etc.) to maximize comfort and provide you with support where you need it. 

They are made with the finest quality cotton with 4-way stretch, soft brushed, scalloped elastic that doesn’t pinch or irritate. They accommodate all shapes and sizes, and allow freedom of movement. This gives you quality, built in, wire-free bust support to keep your girls perfectly in place and help reduce the bounce!

Imagine having that little bit of extra support, particularly in your PJs. Whether it be in front of company, or traveling, going to the hospital, that special weekend away with your friends, heading out to check the mail without having to sprint as fast as possible so that nobody sees you …… or just because you deserve to feel supported, comfortable and confident every single day through all your busiest moments.

The flattering designs highlight your best assets, have a relaxed fit where you need it, offer less cling, and more sex appeal. With practical pockets, no irritating tags, buttons, zips, collars, cuffs, bows, or unflattering bulky waistbands. No irritating lace or bulky seams (they are all flat-stitched).

There are adjustable straps that attach closer together at the back, so they don’t fall off your shoulders.

These garments are sustainably, eco, and ethically manufactured in Sydney by a small family run business. All of the ‘extras’ are sourced from all local small business as BJ’s PJs advocates supporting local.

The organic fabrics have no harmful chemicals, dyes or toxins. They are soft, smooth, feel fantastic on your skin, and can be worn by those with skin sensitivities. They are made with all natural cotton for breathability which means they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This cotton is kind to your skin. It is practical, comfortable, and can be confidence boosting with the feeling of freedom from being bra free (but still perfectly supported). No nasty underwires!

The fabric and designs support you during pregnancy, post-baby, gravity, and those hormonal moments that can be painful and uncomfortable. The perfect, all around versatile clothing, us moms literally dream of.    

Best of all, these styles won’t date as they look like daywear. You can wear them almost anywhere!

BJ’s PJ’s are made with love and care for you to look and feel good. When you purchase these PJs you can rest assured you are buying a quality brand that has a sustainable conscience, is all about empowering women, and increasing your confidence by helping you feel fabulous about yourself. You can look good while still feeling comfortable, perky, and supported. No more bouncing, sagging, painful boobs!

Bounce your way over (see what I did there) to: BJ’s PJs.

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