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Queen Maddyn – Designed by a Mom, Made for a Queen.

Queen Maddyn – Designed by a Mom, Made for a Queen.


Every mama knows what a precious, yet sensitive and often quite difficult, time postpartum can be. You deal with constant hormonal changes, almost weekly body changes, sickness, lack of sleep, stress, pain in places you have never felt before, and the list really does just keep going. 

Those first few nights with your baby in the hospital can be quite uncomfortable. From the bed, to the open back robe, to the constant interruptions in sleep either from the nurses, or your nursing baby. They are precious days, but they are also filled with a lot of soreness and healing in your body.

Throughout each of my stays at the hospital after having my 4 boys, I would dream far distant dreams of an alternative to what I was wearing. The itchy, scratchy hospital gown that would send a cold draft up my backside every time I moved. I never took the time to look into any other option I could have changed into after my children were born. Something soft and cozy that would match the warm fuzzy feeling I had inside my heart as a new mom. 

The best thing you can do for yourself soon after birth is to put on something that feels wonderful on the outside, because there is a lot of pain and discomfort for quite a while on the inside as your body adjusts back and heals from birth. 

Queen Maddyn is a baby and lifestyle brand that helps women in their most special, yet vulnerable time, to feel their most beautiful. 

They have gorgeous, extremely soft robes for mama, the most precious clothing for baby, nursery sets, and pillow covers. They even have a mama and baby gift set, with a matching ladies robe and baby gown, which makes an incredible hospital or baby shower gift. 

The Queen Maddyn story began when owner, Jordyn, was a young mom with her first born. She knew her drive and desire to accomplish great things was without limits, but she didn’t know what she wanted to do just yet. 

After having her little girl, she opened a boutique and noticed that each time she opened a shipment of baby clothes for the store, she would come up with a ton of ideas for how she would change them if they were her designs. While running her store, she started drawing, designing, and looking for manufacturers. She loved the process of designing and it soon became clear that she needed to give her own clothing line 100% of her time. 

Queen Maddyn started with just 6 items and a young mom determined to make her business successful. 

From the second she became a mom, she knew the truth about what mom life really looks like and truly is. She has made her company and designed the products to help everyday moms in this stressful time. All the products have beautiful prints and make for the cutest matching sets. They are also made out of the softest, low maintenance material that is perfect for both the new baby’s skin, and also comforting to mom after her long day, and the many long days to come. 

Queen Maddyn strives for the best standard of products and shopping experience. They truly pride themselves on the comfort and quality in each piece. The prints are more stylish and trendy compared to the traditional baby items you find on the market. 

The products are made out of polyester and spandex to give the softest touch and the perfect stretch needed. The fabric is not only the softest but it is 100% mom approved with easy maintenance. No fancy washing and drying routine for these mamas!

Newest to the product line are the Lovey, Nursing Pillow Cover, and Zippie style outfits. All in the most unique, eye-catching patterns, they are sure to set you and baby apart with your own individual style. 

Queen Maddyn continues to grow every day, as does Jordyn’s vision for the company. The main goal behind Queen Maddyn is to bring comfort, and be there for both mom and baby. They strive to be a household name during pregnancy and the early stages of baby. As the company grows they continue to expand into more lifestyle items such as their Crib Bedding and Nursing Pillow Covers. As the baby grows they still want to be there for mom to offer her what she needs in the softest and most stylish patterns. 

Scroll through their many styles and patterns at Queen Maddyn. Use code Mama15 for a 15% discount.

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