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Holy Lamb Organics – Creating Beautiful Textile Products by Hand Using a Centuries-Old Tradition

Holy Lamb Organics – Creating Beautiful Textile Products by Hand Using a Centuries-Old Tradition

Finding good quality bedding can be a tedious, exhausting task. From the quality, to the material, to the manufacturing and eco-friendly practices, there is a lot to weigh in order to find just what you are looking for. 

Especially during these times that have been very hard for a lot of small businesses, finding a company with a solid heart for community, and a standard to find quality sustainable local producers in the US, is absolute solid gold.

Holy Lamb Organics proudly carries on a centuries-old tradition of making beautiful textile products by hand. Combining heritage methods with pristine natural and organic materials and sustainable business practices, they bring a dedication to healthy living and the environment to a time-honored approach. From their supply chain, to their manufacturing processes, to their facilities management, nothing happens without considering the environmental impact. They strive to be zero waste and sustainable every step of the way.

In 2000, Holy Lamb Organics began as a home-based, owner-operated, one-product business in Olympia, Washington. The original owner, searching for a small travel pillow to take on a backpacking trip, was disappointed with the quality she found in the marketplace. Certain she could create something better, she did just that. She sold her first travel pillows (an item they still carry today) at the local co-op, and a new bedding company was born.

The product line soon expanded to include comforters, mattress toppers, and more pillows, and Holy Lamb Organics established its first dedicated production and operations facility in a converted school bus. They relocated to the historic Little Bit General Store in rural Oakville, Washington, in 2008, establishing a full production facility and their first showroom. Built in 1902, the original Little Bit served the local community for 85 years. They were proud of that heritage and took care to renovate the building using sustainably harvested lumber and salvaged building materials. In 2018, they launched their flagship store in Olympia in the heart of downtown in the historic Steam Plant building.

Yesterday I received my body pillow and pillow cover from Holy Lamb Organics. The first thing I noticed as soon as I opened the box, was the incredible quality material and how beautifully it was packaged. Tied together with a bow and an adorable lamb tag. For me, it’s the little things that make all the difference and just simply from the care put into the packaging, I knew I was going to be happily blown away with this product. 

I reached out to feel the pillow and was immediately ready for bed! It was so soft!! But it was the middle of the day so sadly I could not crawl into the box and drift off until morning… When I took the pillow out of the box I again was so impressed with the little details. The way they had folded the pillow before tying it together was just so pretty. You can tell they care about the little things and that is always something that really sets one business apart from another. 

I untied the pillow and gave it a big bear hug. The wool batting inside was unlike any pillow I have ever felt. It is dense and firm yet soft and fluffy, and it is oh so cuddly. The organic cotton sateen is so silky and smooth I wish all of my bedding was made of it. 

As I was exploring the wonder of this new incredible pillow, my boys popped in and of course wanted to know everything about whatever it was they heard me oohing and aahing over alone in our living room. They quickly moved me out of the way and were all lying on it together within seconds. Some of the comments were: “Oohhh this makes my neck feel good!”, “My head! I can just relax.”, “I never want to get off of this. I’m going to bed.” I really got a kick out of everything they had to say! I could not wait to add the pillow to my bed. The material is such excellent quality and the cover is a gorgeous cream color, it immediately transformed my room into looking  and feeling so cozy and inviting. Of course it was not long until my boys made their way to my room and wanted to lay on the pillow again! 

Last night I had the most incredible sleep. Lately I have been waking up with tight shoulders, a pounding head, sore hips, and an aching back. And I’m only in my mid-thirties! I should be too young for this right?? I put my body pillow lengthwise in front of me and used it between my legs and under my head and basically hugged it all night. (Yes, my husband was a bit jealous.) No joke, I woke up feeling more refreshed and far less sore than I have in a very long time. I had been so comfortable the entire night. I woke up a fraction of the many times I usually do throughout the night. This pillow may quite possibly change my entire life! Nothing is better for you than a great night’s sleep and that is what I will be getting from now on. I couldn’t be happier.

I cannot wait to add to my collection of products from Holy Lamb Organics

The people who bring these products to life are a professional, enthusiastic, and diverse group of individuals. The production staff are skilled craftspeople with an exceptional eye for detail, a dedication to quality, and an outstanding work ethic. The customer service team brings a depth of expertise, empathy, and innovative problem-solving skills to every interaction. I have been so pleased with this company from beginning to end!

To place an order and read more about their story head over to Holy Lamb Organics.

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