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Ethicool Books – Real World Topics in a Child-Friendly Way

Ethicool Books – Real World Topics in a Child-Friendly Way


Would you believe me if I told you that everything I wanted to be as a child, followed me into my adulthood?

I used to love writing. I wrote in journals daily. I wrote short stories, screenplays, and  novels. And my greatest cheerleader was my mother. She would sit with me and dream out-loud about my future as a writer. She spoke into my future and I believed without a doubt that I could be a great writer and wow the world! 

Kids have a very open mind about their capabilities. They have a hard time dreaming small and we as parents are presented with a great opportunity to nurture their dreams. 

Ethicool Books has the tools to assist parents in nurturing their children’s big future. They believe that ” All we need to do is give them their power, knowledge, and they’d do the work of saving the world. We have the power to give our children the gift of understanding the world’s issues… So they can grow up and create change. “

As adults we are limited by time. But for kids, they have the gift of time on their side. Time to dream. Time to learn. Time to make big changes that impact the world.

Though some may try, there are many issues in the world that can feel a little challenging or uncomfortable to talk about.  Yet not talking about them won’t make these problems go away. It will simply take away the much-needed time kids have to create change.

Ethicool Books present stories that display real world topics in a child-friendly way while offering problem solving suggestions. 

Ethicool Books touches on subjects such as climate change, anxiety and poverty, to name a few. 

Our children are the world changers of tomorrow. It’s time to equip them with the right tools for the road ahead.

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