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In Kidz Subscription Culture Boxes – Helping Kids Love Each Other And The World

In Kidz Subscription Culture Boxes – Helping Kids Love Each Other And The World


I have been a homeschool parent for about 14 years. Ever since my oldest was at the age I could begin to teach him colors and shapes, letters and numbers, I seized every opportunity to fill our time with learning and growth. Teaching from home programmed my mind to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to learn, and it caused me to realize that there is potential for learning something new almost everywhere you go!

All 4 of my boys were born in Hawaii where we lived until just a few years ago when we moved to Washington. One of the biggest desires in our hearts as a family was to have better access to more places and be able to explore and learn from different locations and cultures. Since relocating we have had countless opportunities to experience these adventures which we had only dreamt about for so many years in Hawaii. Everywhere we have gone we have learned so much and it has opened our hearts and minds to just how diverse and beautiful this world really is.

As a homeschool family, you are always looking for new fun ways to learn. When you have the right resources and material, the extent of what you can download into your brain and retain is endless! There are so many hands on materials for math that help you to physically work out a problem so that you can better understand how to find the answer. For science, there are enough at home experiment options to fill your entire schedule for years and years to come. Language arts had numerous workbooks available and even computer programs that help your kids be able to grasp all their writing concepts with ease.

But Geography, travel, the study of other cultures…this is one subject that just isn’t the same when you read about it from a textbook. If you have traveled anywhere outside of your familiar surroundings, you have seen how vastly different a new location often is in more ways than you were expecting. You feel the culture through their artwork, food, climate, even the colors and materials they use in their clothing. Unless you have an endless budget to travel the world at the drop of a hat, your kids’ opportunity to hands-on experience the beauty of new places is very few and far between.

In Kidz is a company that creates kid-focused culture boxes that help children learn about many far away places, while inspiring them to create a world that embraces diversity of all kinds. 

Each box is lovingly curated by an actual parent who hails from the country or culture they are celebrating. The boxes are respectful, ethically sourced, culturally appropriate, and designed to delight and educate your kids.

Each box includes:

  • Interactive education materials
  • Informational flash cards
  • Family-friendly activities and games  
  • Sensory toy
  • Hands-on art projects for kids and families to do together
  • Recipe card
  • Flag, and more!

My family received the Turkey Protection Box. To say my kids (and I) were extremely excited would be a tremendous understatement. We had no idea what was waiting for us inside and were riddled with anticipation. We have not spent a whole lot of time studying Turkey, so we were eager to see what there was to learn!

As we opened the lid, an explosion of culture and education erupted into our home. We read the numerous cards chock full of information. The boys started pulling out item after item. Beautiful woven bookmarks, notebooks, several different bracelets that had a strong significance and meaning in the Turkish culture, a passport, magnetic backgammon set, Turkish flag…so many unique and perfect items.

One of my 8 year old’s favorites was a stack of cards held together by a silver hoop in the corner. Each card has a Turkish word on one side and the English translation on the other. He has been carrying it around the house non-stop, adding Turkish words to his sentences and then letting us know what word he replaced with Turkish.
As we were finishing up going through everything in the box, my 11 year old yells “Can we get more?!? Are we going to get more??” 

Sorting through our box transported us to a whole new place. It was such a fun experience for my family. As a mother and a homeschool parent, I am beyond impressed with each and every item that was included. Not only was it exciting and educational, you could see it was made with such care and quality. Everything inside was so thought out and intentional towards helping kids become engulfed in a culture they have probably never experienced.

My kids are continuing to use every single item from the box. They are all wearing the bracelets, which I must say I am so proud and impressed that they are not only wearing them, but they know and remember what the bracelets signify and why they are a part of the Turkish culture. One of my boys made a whole pouch to carry his notebook, passport, bookmark, and language cards. The products they received have quickly risen to the top of their favorites list in our house. 

Best of all these boxes are fantastic for any age. My boys are 8, 11, 13, and 16 and not a single one of them was more or less interested than the other. In a time where so many families have been forced to school from home, many with no prior experience, In Kidz wins at the subscription box game!! It is the perfect supplement to any school program, or a wonderful gift just for fun. 

You can take a look at current and future culture boxes as well as their several subscription options at In Kidz

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