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Love Your Skin and Give It A Glow With Dry Brush Massaging

Love Your Skin and Give It A Glow With Dry Brush Massaging


Dry brush massaging has many remarkable benefits such as exfoliating skin, unclogging pores and eliminating dead skin cells. It rejuvenates skin and makes you feel invigorated.

The Prima Shoppe Face and Body Dry Massage Set is the ultimate pampering product that comes beautifully packaged in a rectangular box (making wrapping nice and easy should you choose to gift it). 

Inside your box you will find a draw-string bag containing the set of 3 brushes (1 small face brush, 1 round cellulite massage brush, 1 body brush) and a detachable handle convenient for easy storage- no need to have your cupboards filled with numerous brushes that get lost! 

The two larger brushes feature a band that secures them to your palm, and a slot for you to attach them to the long handle which helps you get to those hard to reach places. 

Made to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and eliminate dead skin cells, these brushes are soft yet effective. They leave your skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated and healthy.

Prima Shoppe brushes are made from natural boar bristles and wooden handles from schima superba.

They come in a spa gift set of 3 brushes 1 small face brush, 1 round cellulite massage brush, 1 body brush,1 detachable long handle, and 1 cotton canvas travel bag.

I was excited to be able to review this product as I have never been big on using these kind of products regularly. 

You know that feeling after you have just had a nice muscle relaxing bath? I used to do hours of dancing and would come home and enjoy a nice hot muscle soak bath. I would get out feeling relaxed and refreshed. That’s the kind of feeling you get after giving yourself a nice massage. It is very relaxing. I’m now going to aim for and look forward to a self-pamper session with these brushes once a week. 

I am a mother of two gorgeous little ones (20 months and 7 months) and my days are very busy. Especially in these times of being in lockdown, self-care is a must. It’s often not easy to find time to look after myself, but with this set on hand, I’m sure I can make that time.

It doesn’t take much! 

The process of using these brushes is only 5 simple steps: 

1. Start at your feet and brush upward toward your heart. Similarly when you start on your arms, begin at the hands and work upward. 

2. Set firm, small strokes upward, or work in a circular motion. For stomach, work in a clockwise direction. 

3. Brush gently and do not press hard on skin. 

4. Brush skin at least 3 to 5 minutes. Shower after brushing. 

5. Apply your favorite body oil or lotion.

I looked into the benefits of this kind of self-care and something I discovered I love about it is that as you gently move the brush in a circular motion massaging your skin, you are actually increasing your blood flow which supports your lymph flow/drainage (detoxification). This product makes it easy and enjoyable to look after your skin.

Something I thought was really funny and would make you smile, my 20 month old was quite curious about the massage brush and thought it made a good phone (haha). But you never know, he might learn how to use it and give Mummy a nice massage!

These brushes are available on Amazon and currently only shipping to AU. You can find them here!

Use code “METIME20” for a 20% discount!

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