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Preggeaux Boutique – Helping Moms Get Their Style Back

Preggeaux Boutique – Helping Moms Get Their Style Back

During my first pregnancy with my daughter, I did not feel cute or have that “pregnancy glow”. I was fairly uncomfortable with my appearance and had a few complications with my pregnancy which caused me to be physically uncomfortable as well. I put off buying maternity clothes for as long as I could thinking maybe I could just get away with wearing my normal clothes.

I was so wrong! I even tried the ponytail holder on the jean buttons trick. My husband and I tried shopping at the only maternity store in the mall and I found nothing. I came across one pair of jeans which gave me that full diaper look, work shirts with outdated prints, and discouragement. On the way home I was telling my husband that I just wished there were trendy maternity clothes. That was when the idea for Preggeaux was born.

However, in fear of the new responsibilities I was about to take over being a new mom, we never moved forward with it.

Fast forward to postpartum, the amount of research and time I spent trying to find baby gear and nursing clothes was overwhelming and would keep me up at night. I did not want the loud colored toys to clutter my house. I was looking for stimulating but aesthetically pleasing baby products. After months of research and shortly after my daughter’s first birthday, I knew it was time to share all of my knowledge and make Preggeaux happen.

Preggeaux is pronounced like “preggo” but is derived from the Cajun French spelling widely used in south central Louisiana where our main operations are based out of.

The greatest thing I believe is lacking for most moms by large name brands is style. Plain and simple. Being pregnant is uncomfortable and makes a lot of mommas feel self-conscious about their changing bodies. This feeling is enhanced when you just cannot find something stylish to wear or are unable to follow the current trends. In addition, have you ever needed to find a dress for a special occasion? Good luck!

EVERY mom-to-be needs a solid pair of jeans. Our Bottom Ripped Skinny Denim jeans are a staple. They match the trendy jeans that you find in boutiques, have an adjustable over the belly support, as well as a great price ($28.56).

For the Postpartum Momma, the after-baby bod can be pretty disappointing. Our top pick for the after baby mommas is our Babes Empower BabesTee (and our whole Empowered Women line). This sends a message to the momma and her fellow women that “Hey, we are in this together, every woman is capable and loved”. 

Our absolute FAVORITE pick for the babies is our Swinging All Day Long Canvas Swing. Our babes love it so much, and talk about aesthetically pleasing! These swings are great either in the nursery or on the back porch. 

With the items available in my shop, I am hoping to give moms their style back. Just because you are growing a human, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice who you are. I want women to feel empowered, loved, and most of all, confident. Confident in what they wear, confident in what they give their babes, and confident in their online purchase. 

You can browse through our products at Preggeaux Boutique. Use code MAGAZINE20 for 20% off and free shipping through the end of 2020! Best of all we ship everywhere and anywhere!

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