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Arlokea | Ethical Fashion & A Charitable, Sustainable Business Model

Arlokea | Ethical Fashion & A Charitable, Sustainable Business Model

At Arlokea, we believe that people have power to make a difference in this world. Our main goal is to use ethical fashion to tackle social issues surrounding health, education, and poverty. Our curated collection is made up of fashionable items that fuses comfort and style.

In 2018, I received the news that I am a sickle cell carrier. Even though I do not have sickle cell, a blood disorder that affects the amount of oxygen that passes through the body and causes episodes of severe chronic pain and organ damage, finding out that I am a carrier changed my perspective on life. I felt a new fire in me ignite and I became determined to use my energy to help others.

During that same year, the Sickle Cell Foundation led a campaign to encourage more people to donate blood to use in blood transfusions. They also needed more monetary help so that they could expand their research into a cure and support families and individuals suffering from the disease.

These two different occurrences, finding out I was a carrier and seeing the need of the Sickle Cell Foundation, led me to create Arlokea. I had the idea to develop a brand that was centered around recognizing that we as a society have an ethical and social responsibility to contribute to the community that we operate in, whether or not we are directly affected by a disease or a particular social issue that affects so many people living around us.

As a result, I decided to build Arlokea as an ethical fashion business. This would be an ethical fashion business with a difference as it is designed to champion activists who are working to fight social injustices in their communities.

Transparency is crucial in this as we are dedicated to showing the environmental and social impact that we have. We only sell fashionable, functional and ethical garments that we know you will love. Our non-profit partners uphold the same level of transparency and are treated with the utmost care and respect by us. We are partners together dedicated to building a market of high quality, beautiful, ethical clothing and social change.

Everything we do at Arlokea is based on our values. These values show us how to make the best decisions for both our customers and the non-profit partners we work with.

Supporting Others

Lend a helping hand and make life better for others.

We are determined to help people in need and actively seek different ways to support people in their community. We are open to hearing about new ways to help and work alongside our non-profit partners to choose what to support. Accountability is important so we always make sure to share the impact that Arlokea has with our customers.

Commit to Sustainability

Act in ways that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and efficient.

The fashion industry is known to be heavy environmental polluters because of fabric dying, water consumption and production. We actively look for ways to reduce waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in everything we produce. Want to know how we made something? No problem, we are completely transparent about how we produce our clothes.

Build Strong Communities

Work together encourage each other to grow.

We are proudly connected to communities that seek to uplift, educate and empower others to thrive in their environment. We are stronger as a society when we stand and work together.

We also focus on three key areas of social branches.


Health is a key priority for us whether it is physical, mental or emotional health. It is essential to support the fight against illness by funding research and supporting individuals and families affected by the disease. We want to promote healthy, happy communities both locally and internationally.


Education has the power to transform society and gives individuals the tools to make informed decisions about their lives. Everyone should be given the opportunity of a decent education. The funds directed toward our nonprofit partners in education are focused on allowing children to stay in school and have an equal chance of receiving a quality education.


Inequality in a community exacerbates social issues and increases incidences of violence, discrimination, and abuse. We must strive to remove barriers that cause inequality in communities and stand for those who are also trying to do the same. The funds directed to our non-profit partners in the community are used to remove these barriers and build bridges through art, sports, and other endeavors.

Every time you purchase with Arlokea, not only do you get an ethically-sourced product that you will love but you are supporting a fair, sustainable business model that helps to improve the wellbeing and livelihood of artisans and people in developing countries or underprivileged societies. Together we can make a change that will last.

Head to Arlokea to take a look at our products.

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