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Having Perfect Nails Has Never Been Easier, With Blispy’s Nail Polish Strips

Having Perfect Nails Has Never Been Easier, With Blispy’s Nail Polish Strips


I was warned that it could become near impossible to do my own nails after having kids. And to even pay to get them done is wishful thinking.

I still had to learn the hard way. It seemed like a bright idea to do my nails during the kids’ nap time. But you know it’s the moment you start taking care of yourself that the kids’ spidey senses begin to tingle.

The aftermath can be seen as permanent stains on many of my kids’ clothing. Epic mom fail moments.

I remember hearing about stick on nail polish as a teenager but after trying it with friends, the product proved near impossible to remove from the packaging, let alone get it properly placed on my nails.

It seems the years between then and now proved productive as this product has now been recreated with much better designs! Blispy has stick on nail polish perfect for busy moms!

This is nail polish that will not smudge if you’re suddenly distracted by the kids mid application. There’s no drying time necessary. No concern for staining clothing or households items.

Especially helpful is the fact that it doesn’t peel off like a band aid after application. It’s stuck on like nail polish ought to be.

Applying this product can be quick and easy. There’s a plastic bit to hold onto so I don’t have to touch the polish with my hands at all. (This was the messiest part of the product when I first used it as a teenager). A quick press to the other side, which has a plastic layer on it, and it’s stuck! After removing the plastic layer over top, I’m left with polished nails.

All that remains to do is give a quick file of the excess polish hanging off and it’s perfect!

Even better, these nail polish stickers come with designs that look like they were done by a nail tech at a salon. With a lot of detail and color contrast.

If you’d like to see the beautiful designs Blispy has to offer, use the codes MM20OFF for 20% off orders under $24, and MM2FREE for 2 free sets with a purchase of 3 sets!

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