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Encouraging You To Follow Your Dreams | Passion Fuels Fashion

Encouraging You To Follow Your Dreams | Passion Fuels Fashion

Passion fuels is an online boutique currently located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, just outside my hometown of Leduc, Alberta.

I LOVE clothes and I LOVE shopping. I always have and I always will. I am not afraid to shop online and with that, I began finding items I loved so much that I wanted to share them with everyone. 

Passion Fuels was born from a desire to satisfy my passion for clothes and my love for shopping! Our products are all hand selected. I seek out styles that are modern while still functional. I am a hockey mom to my son, so I know life is messy and gets hectic! Our clothes are very soft yet durable, and beautifully fashionable yet functional. Our jeans stay where they need whether you are wearing heels for a night out or running around to and from sports and activities like myself!

Passion Fuels has been a dream of mine since I was in high school. I took business administration at NAIT and always said “I want to run my own business”. 

I had never been in a financial position to do so, therefore I took up a career in HR. Over the years I gave my everything into any position I was given and climbed the ladder. I always strived to be at the top and run the show. 

I started my current position with a construction company as an administrator, and 6 years later I am the supervisor of Human Resources. Yet I still wanted more. 

I happily share my life with the most wonderful boys I call my family, and we currently just moved into our newly built home! My son and husband stop me from working everyday. They are my number one and we set aside the same time everyday to spend together. This is a priority for us. 

Because of my commitment to my family I wanted a career where I could make my own schedule and be able to base it around them and their needs. I strongly felt this company was taking that from me. My husband could see how unhappy I was so he told me to quit and look for another job. I thought about it over and over and I knew deep down I did not want to work for anyone ever again. 

So before this pandemic, I knew what I wanted to do! I decided to take a leap and open my business…so I did! Soon after though, not only did this pandemic come about, but my Dad’s cancer he had been battling for 2 years came to an end. He passed away in April 2020. These battles caused me to have to press pause on my dream. My Dad was my priority. 

BUT I am not one to let anything get in my way, and I do not give up. Things might have slowed me down, but I will never let go of this dream. I will make it all the way to the end of my story. 

Passion fuels so many things. YOUR passion fuels motivation, dedication, happiness, love, success, and ambition, and the list can go on. Follow your dreams! 

When you take a risk like I did and build your own business, it can surprise you more than you ever expected, just how much support you have and how much closer you may get with lost friends. This is my absolute favourite part. The amount of times I’ve been told “I’m proud of you” has been SO rewarding and such incredible confirmation that I am doing the right thing. 

Our goal is to put the “passion” in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better. That is why we are committed to being your source for the most passionate functional trends from sizes XS-2XL.

Head over to our shop, and use the code PASSIONMAMA for a 10% discount!

You can also find us on instagram @shoppassionfuels and facebook

I am always available for questions. Feel free to send me an email, or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

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