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Empowering Our Teenage Daughters, One Boss Boxx Subscription At A Time

Empowering Our Teenage Daughters, One Boss Boxx Subscription At A Time

Tweenage years are hard. For girls, they can be some of the most trying, confusing years of your life. From body changes, to hormones, to friends and first loves. Finding yourself, developing self esteem, and learning how to stand up for what you believe in. None of this is easy! Especially now, our tween girls face a future unlike any we have ever known. From uncertainty about what school will look like in the fall to balancing what they see on the news, our girls need confidence and strength more than ever!  

The Boss BoXX is a tool for you to empower her to keep growing and evolving.  Each month she will receive 4 weekly leadership challenges, and 4 inspirational items that give you the tools to help her grow in strength and confidence. The weekly challenges explore that month’s leadership and confidence boosting topic. Each challenge is paired with the fun inspirational items that support developing that month’s skill.

Each boXX empowers her to be a B.O.S.S.

B – Believe in her capacity to change the world.

O – Organize her ideas to transform goals into reality.

S – See herself and know she is already enough.

S – Support other girls as they learn to lead.

We sent a Boss BoXX to a very lovely tweenager and asked her what she thought about everything included. Here is what she had to say:

“I was so excited when I was given this boXX. It was really pretty and the packaging inside made it really fun to open.

The design and color palette of the socks are so fun! I love to bake so having a pair of cookie socks is perfect for me. They are also very comfortable and soft. 

The holographic sparkles on the cover and sides of the pages of the journal are so pretty. I don’t have anything negative to say about it. I’m looking forward to writing in such a nice journal. The “This Girl Can” desk plate is a really nice decoration. I might paint it to add different designs on it. 

I love that there are cards to go along with each item. I like what they are about as well as the design and pictures on them. The theme for this box was ‘Persist with Positive Self Talk’. I don’t really talk badly about myself, but these cards do make me think about stuff I might not have without reading them. 

I would be so excited waiting for my package to come every month! I would be so curious to see what new creative things they come up with.”

With Boss BoXX you can breath easy knowing each box delivers so much more than just fun stuff. Each box is an opportunity for you to connect with your female tweenager in meaningful ways that will help shape the way she faces this unknown future.  

Watch her strengths shine as she defies the confidence gap that forms for too many girls between the ages of 9-14.

Together, let’s help inspire her to lead with XX Factor. All girls are strong, and it is our mission to make sure they know that!

Make your way to The Boss Boxx to take a look at our subscription options. You can even take a peek inside a past boXX. Use coupon code GrandOpening2020 to save $10!

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