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Glow Rx Skin is Non-toxic, Clean & Clinical Skincare and Keeps Darker Skintones in Mind

Glow Rx Skin is Non-toxic, Clean & Clinical Skincare and Keeps Darker Skintones in Mind

Oprah Winfrey was one of the first African Americans that went from being presented on television with grey washed out skin under lighting made primarily for Caucasians, to Golden glowing skin under lighting created with the intention to make dark skin glow.

As a black woman in a primarily light skinned world, I’ve often felt overlooked when it came to the products and technology that made my dark brown skin glow.

I’ve purchased the darkest shade of department store makeup only to be disappointed when I arrive home to find it’s actually the darkest shade for Caucasian skin and for me it turned my skin grey.

When digital cameras became popular in my teenage years I remember taking a photo alongside my dark skinned friends would wash us all out. We lost the details in our faces and often times looked like blurred grey shadows. The addition of a Caucasian friend would suddenly help adjust the camera’s focus.

Times have changed and technology has developed profoundly. But with the trendiest filters on social media being geared towards grey, washed out and neutral tones, once again the dark brown color of my skin loses its glow.

I’ve taken to show my skin appreciation in making my chocolate complexion illuminate like gold with GlowRx Skin products.

GlowRx Skin has products that make skin glow as though being presented under the vibrant colors of the setting sun. I use this serum after I wash my face in the morning and evening. It doesn’t clog my pores or leave my face greasy.

My skin absorbs this product and is left feeling smooth. My appearance is similar to the after effects of when I’ve brushed on bronzer at the end of my makeup routine. But this is a natural glow that goes beyond the surface of my skin.

GlowRx Skin brings out the best of my melanin.

Here’s what Lorraine of GlowRx Skincare has to say:

“More than 60% of minority women say the skincare industry doesn’t have enough options for them and nearly 25% of women wouldn’t describe their skincare routine as “effective.” Skin is the largest organ and darker skin tones experience challenges that require specific solutions that are lacking in the clean beauty arena. Formulated with potent, vegan ingredients and botanicals that work synergistically to promote healthy skin,  GlowRx Skincare is all about clean beauty. Quality, non-toxic ingredients are the cornerstone of our U.S. made products.

Our hero product is the Moringa Luminous Face Oil made with cold pressed oil imported from Rwanda where I am from originally. Every bottle provides sustainable income to farmers in eastern province of Rwanda, an area where socioeconomic challenges are vast.

I am a board-certified Pediatrician working daily in my outpatient practice to provide children with quality medical care in light of the COVID19 pandemic.  I work at a community health center where majority of my patients are publicly insured due to economic challenges.”

Use discount code MATURINGMAMA for 15% off products with GlowRx Skin!

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