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Life Unpacked’s Life-Changing Bamboo Toothbrushes, Toothpowder & Double-Sided Razors

Life Unpacked’s Life-Changing Bamboo Toothbrushes, Toothpowder & Double-Sided Razors


To say that Life Unpacked‘s products “have changed my life”, would be an understatement! My eyes have just been opened up to a whole new world of reusable products that not only help save our planet, but also save money! I was sent a reusable razor, 2 shave bars (citrus and lavender), 5 razor blades, a bamboo toothbrush, tooth powder (which is toothpaste), and a gorgeous toothbrush holder made from bamboo. All of these products arrived in very minimal packaging that was all recyclable or compostable.

Metal Razor Handle and Blades

I’ve heard so much about reusable razors and have wondered if they’re safe. I always wanted to try one, but was worried that I’d get cut, or that one razor wouldn’t do the same job as my disposable swivel head 6 blade razor. Well I’m here to tell you all, I WAS WRONG! Not only did I get the closest shave of my life, I also didn’t get a single knick! And I shaved everything (yes, everything), to truly test out this razor.

I started out slowly gliding the razor over my skin, very hesitant and nervous. Then by the time I was almost done, I was using it at the same speed as my disposable razors. No more spending $3+ on a razor that you throw out after a couple uses. You can buy 5 replaceable blades for just $4.95! That’s 99 cents each!! But wait! There’s more, each blade has not one, but two sides!! So when one side gets dull, just turn the razor around and use the other side! If I could give this razor handle and blades a 1000 out of 10, I would!

Shave Bars

A can of shaving cream can cost upwards of $3, for a bottle of chemical filled fake foam.

“Unfortunately, most aerosol cans (including the ones you use for shaving cream) use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to propel their product. Once in the air, VOCs contribute to ground-level Ozone levels, contributing to smog production.” 

Life Unpacked‘s shave bars sell for $6.70 and after using mine just once I can tell it’s going to last twice as long as a can of shave cream, if not longer. It lathers into a rich foam that moisturizes your skin while you shave. They smell beautiful and I didn’t have to worry about breathing in synthetic scents because they use essential oils.

Bamboo Toothbrush, Toothpowder and Holder

Life Unpacked has 3 types of bamboo toothbrushes. Adult size, kid size and ultra soft. I tried the regular adult size. I thought that it would taste like wood and maybe leave splinters, but I’m happy to report that this toothbrush was as smooth as plastic and had no taste! The tooth power was the coolest thing I tried. I had never heard of “tooth powder” and when I got it, I thought it was something to polish your teeth with as you brush them.

I dipped my toothbrush in it and started brushing, the COOLEST THING HAPPENED. The powder started foaming and it turned into regular toothpaste! It left my teeth feeling so shiny and smooth and my breath fresh for way longer than a tube of toothpaste does. The cool thing about Life Unpacked‘s toothpaste is that you can order refills! No more messy tubes of toothpaste, and no more chemicals. You can order your first jar in a fancy frosted glass jar, or a bamboo jar. The toothbrush sits beautifully in a bamboo holder that looks stylish and ads a minimalist feel to your bathroom.

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