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As Nature Intended: Herb Market Botanicals

As Nature Intended: Herb Market Botanicals

“When I was thinking of what type of product I wanted to make for people, I thought about what was important to me. I wanted to change the way people cared for their skin by introducing effective, natural, and results-oriented skincare.”

You’ll find that Maturing Mama often features small businesses. I love finding those that carry a heart for their brand. Those that put the work in to each product for the ONE — not simply for the masses. They just care about how that ONE product they spent hours working on, will affect that ONE individual that buys it. For such a standard, it doesn’t get much better than Herb Market Botanicals.

Image credits: Ayesha Khanna @yourlittleveganpal

While talking with Melissa and learning about her philosophy, I was struck by how much she really cares about the quality of every ingredient that goes into Herb Market Botanicals. No fillers, no shortcuts, nothing in the formula that she wouldn’t use herself. How many cosmetics execs can truthfully say the same? Not many.

“If you use a certain product daily, think about what your body is really absorbing on an annual basis. The toxicity of an ingredient is about what is immediately absorbed, but also what accumulates in the skin over time. Many conventional skincare products are filled with toxic ingredients, chemical fillers, and emulsifiers that go unnoticed, and long-term use can actually lead to an array of health issues.

At Herb Market, every ingredient is carefully selected based on its nourishing and therapeutic properties to serve a unique purpose of its own. Our products are not made with animal ingredients and never tested on animals. 

Your skin is the largest living organ that we have the ability to observe, analyze, protect, and improve. You only want the very best for your body, so let your skin tell the story of the healthy choices you make.”

For decades, big advertising companies have led us to believe that big name cosmetics companies are the only ones with the secrets of effective skincare. After all, they’ve got their labs and technicians and their millions in funding, right? It’s all in the name of science, right? 

WRONG. As more studies have come out, common ingredients in skincare formulas used by big name companies for decades were revealed to have long-term repercussions, not only for the environment, but for our health! We were led to believe that these chemical compounds, first synthesized and patented a few short decades ago, were the holy grail — but what if nature has had the answer all along?

“Mainstream society is finally ready to embrace something we’ve believed in all along: natural skincare. People are navigating their own path to wholeness and want their lifestyle supported by healthier, planet-conscious alternatives. Herb Market Botanicals not only commits to providing you with all natural, high-quality skincare, we’re also dedicated to bridging your current self to the mind and body you deserve.

As a natural healthcare practitioner, I continue to study and learn the importance of using only pure and natural ingredients in both food and skincare. While originally blogging holistic recipes, I discovered a drive and purpose within myself; to give people the tools and knowledge needed to pursue a healthier lifestyle. As my interests evolved into different areas of the human body, skincare struck a chord with me and I wanted to channel my learnings and concepts of holistic health into the skin. My approach is simple – focus on fewer ingredients in higher concentrations to achieve optimal results. I want to reestablish trust in the process of natural healing, and encourage everyone not to be afraid to go back to the basics to allow the healing power of purity.

Whether you’re looking to maintain the youthful energy your skin already projects, or want to see more of your radiant glow break through, we create products for a more natural you.”

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