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Greater Than Sports Drinks Provide Nutrition & Restore Water for Lactating Moms – In Addition to Braxton Hicks Relief & Migraines!

Greater Than Sports Drinks Provide Nutrition & Restore Water for Lactating Moms – In Addition to Braxton Hicks Relief & Migraines!

Before I had babies, I thought breastfeeding would be the most natural thing in the world. 

During pregnancy, it seemed like my body was doing most of the work for me — all I had to do was eat whatever I wanted while I waited the interminable 9 (though it’s really closer to 10) months before that precious bundle was in my arms. Among other things, nobody talks about what happens when breastfeeding isn’t as easy as latch-and-go. What if your milk supply seems to be failing?

Jon and Mark Sider started Greater Than as a sports drink company — never dreaming that their customers would soon include not only athletes and health nuts, but nursing moms as well! 

“Over a decade ago, we asked ourselves: why not utilize coconut water & fresh juice to make a better-for-you sports drink? No synthetic chemicals, added sugar, or stimulants? 

Well, what’s easy to say is hard to do. But, in this case, we’ve already done the work for you.

Our product is made with organic coconut water, fruit juices, and sea salt. The recipe makes it extremely hydrating, and a properly hydrated body performs better. But the performance benefit  that floored us? Milk production. That’s right: many of our customers are nursing moms replenishing electrolytes with our low sugar drinks. 

The ability of the human body to produce breast milk is one that is not just amazing — it is scientifically documented as extremely beneficial for both mother and child. However, the production of adequate amounts of breast milk also depends on the mother’s body to keep up with her baby’s demand. The general rule of thumb is that the more often and the longer a baby nurses, the more breast milk the mother’s body will produce. 

Numerous factors can impact this delicate equation, though, one of which being adequate hydration and nutrition. If a woman’s body isn’t being given what it needs to create an adequate supply of breast milk, it may fail to do so- – or may remove what it needs from the woman’s own body, causing major health concerns.

While the exact composition of breast milk varies from person to person and even with the time of day, approximately 87% of the substance is water.

What does this mean for mothers? Since breast milk is produced by the body, that high water content is coming directly from the water reserves of the mother’s body. Regardless of how often a baby feeds, that represents a significant loss. For mothers who are nursing twins or simply have a baby with a big appetite, the loss is one that can take a major toll on the body — especially if not offset with proper hydration and nutrition.

Proper water balance in the body is imperative for normal, healthy bodily functions. However, the losses sustained during lactation can pose a serious problem for women who are trying to maintain this balance. To address this issue, we provide nutritious, hydrating drinks for daily consumption, to restore balance and vitality to the body.

You may ask, “why not just drink more water?” This certainly isn’t a bad idea. It will increase body hydration levels and help to restore balance. However, for many women, plain water is not sufficient for restoring both bodily hydration and the nutrients and energy being lost in the lactation process.

Water also does not increase energy outside of providing hydration for the mother. Most women find themselves fatigued – both mentally and physically – during breastfeeding, so consuming food and drinks that boost energy is essential to keeping up with the demands of their nursing child and their everyday life. Water restores hydration but does not replenish energy or nutrients, while electrolyte-containing beverages have been shown to do so. This makes electrolyte drinks a smart choice for nursing mothers.

Rather than resort to the chemical concoctions offered by commercial brands, we prefer to use fruit juices and coconut water. Coconut water – the “juice” from a ripe coconut — is a low-calorie, low-sugar, highly nutritious substance that is high in natural electrolytes. This makes it a perfect choice for rehydration beverages — and a great choice for nursing mothers.

While an all-natural mixture of coconut water and real fruit juice is one of the best ways to get electrolytes, important nutrients, crucial hydration, and a little bit of flavor women often crave during breastfeeding, it isn’t always easy to come by. What new mom has time to whip up a blend of these juices in her own kitchen every day – much less the energy to do so with a crying baby? Finding a premade solution — that is still just as nutritious as a homemade one — is important for busy moms. 

That’s why drinks like all-natural Greater Than sports drinks are an excellent choice. They contain nothing more than the natural substances a nursing body needs – nutrient-dense coconut water and fruit juice – and no artificial ingredients, stimulants, or added sugar that can harm the health of your baby. Best of all, they are conveniently packaged, available for delivery, and come in a variety of flavors — all designed to help restore the body’s water balance.

Results vary for everyone. Customers report drinking 1-2 per day and noticing improvement within a few days.”

Pro-tip, guys: pregnant moms have also reported relief from Braxton Hicks and migraines! 

Need I say more?

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