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Nest in Progress Decor is Bringing Tye-Dye Back in a Healthy & Eco-Friendly Way

Nest in Progress Decor is Bringing Tye-Dye Back in a Healthy & Eco-Friendly Way

Have you seen that tie-dye is coming back? Unfortunately I’ve seen tie-dye that’s a bit hard to look at for very long. You know the type- clashing colors and portions that some are bold in color and others are fading. 

But I saw tie-dye the other day that made me stop and stare. I literally questioned if it was a painted canvas. It had colors that blended seemlessly and yet accented one another! At first I couldn’t believe that it was in fact tie-dye and truly it is a different form called Ice Dying by Nest In Progress Designs.

The environmental and personal health benefits of wearing ice dyed clothing makes it an ideal go to. Nest In Progress Designs even uses natural products for its colors. 

Here is Jillian, the owner and artist to explain more:

Ice dyeing is the process of using ice with powdered dye to create unique, often watercolor-like patterns on fabric. You can take your fabric and scrunch, fold, or twist it, cover it with ice cubes, and sprinkle powdered dye over the ice. 

As it melts it will mix the colors together and create beautiful and unexpected patterns! I use this process to dye apparel pieces like robes and kaftans, and also dye fabric and rope that I then use to create wall art and home decor pieces. 

There are many techniques you can use to manipulate the fabric during the ice dyeing process to achieve various patterns like folds or spirals (which is what you might think of as more traditional tie-dye). I love a more organic pattern and I like to experiment with unusual color combinations. 

Once I set the ice and the dye on my fabric I try to let it sit at least overnight, but 24 hours if possible so that the dye has time to set in the fabric and the colors are vibrant. Once it’s rinsed and washed it’s so exciting to see the final product!

My color pallets are often inspired by images of art and interiors that I am drawn to. What I love most about this process is that no two pieces will ever be the same. The dye always creates a completely unique pattern, so if someone purchases a robe or dress or piece of wall decor from me they are taking home something that is truly one of a kind. 

Commercial garment dyeing can often require a large amount of energy and water, as well as chemicals. My process uses smaller amounts of water and low impact dyes since everything is dyed in small batches. 

I use fiber reactive dyes, meaning they bond with the fibers at a molecular level. When the ice melts the dyes split, which means the pigments that make up the dye separate, producing more colors and a unique combination. I also use natural dyes, like creating pink dye baths from avocados! 

Hand washing is the best manner of washing to preserve the color, especially with delicate fabrics like silk and rayon. They may also be washed separately in the delicate cycle and air dried. 

Ice dying can take your wardrobe to another level! Are you ready to find an outfit that’s bursting with color?

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