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Seazen Soap – A Company Whose Mission is To Remind Women To Take Time for Themselves

Seazen Soap – A Company Whose Mission is To Remind Women To Take Time for Themselves

One of the unique, amazing qualities that is celebrated about many women is our ability to multitask. Yet this ability often works against us when it comes to our need to focus on and enjoy, the present moment.

The story is so common that it almost goes without saying that Mom is always busy taking care of everyone else; the only person she neglects is herself. Mom deserves to indulge in self-care and treat herself even for a few minutes every day.

Seazen products will help Mom to stop, smell the aroma, and take time for herself. Each product is handmade by Chisako from the highest quality ingredients and lovingly crafted to provide a moment of respite and wellness.

I only use natural ingredients — including infused oils, herbs, flowers, CBD, aromatic spices, and essential oils. Each formula’s ingredients are chosen to meet specific needs. Since making my products is so therapeutic for me, I try to pour that healing energy and love into the process for each one. Some of the ingredients I use are homegrown on my garden (such as lemongrass, oregano, calendula, mint, lavender, and ginger). I infuse them with precious oils to bring healing properties into the products.

It’s important to me that women have access to natural soaps, butters, CBD oils, & deodorants to promote healthy life & goodness for the planet. I created Seazen to bring humble luxury straight to your door. 

Self-care is about more than just you; it helps you be at your best so that you can give authentically to those you love. My mission is for these products to remind women to take time for themselves, to awaken their true worthiness. Remember: When Mom is happy, everyone is happy.

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SEAZEN LLC – Handmade & natural soap and skin butter & CBD product

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