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Perfect for Growing Bodies & Full Diapers – BeMo Designs Boo Bottoms

Perfect for Growing Bodies & Full Diapers – BeMo Designs Boo Bottoms

It’s getting into summer which means our little ones will be spending a lot of time outside. 

That also means there will be the potential for scraped knees. I mean let’s be honest, what kid likes wearing clothes most the time anyway? 

It was only a few days ago our girls were playing outside with neighbourhood kids and the two year old suddenly had no pants or diaper on. She stripped right down and went on playing. A few seconds later she had two scratched knees. 

I totally understand kids’ need to be comfortable while playing. Comfort for them means not being constrained by tight pants and thick materials. I know this because the first thing my girls protest to wearing are leggings and jeans. 

That’s why BeMo Designs, Boo Bottoms for kids is so ideal! The material is loose and roomy. Enough room for full diapers and growing bodies. 

With a breathable design that makes for easy movement. Enough to forget they’re wearing pants at all. 

Boo Bottoms keep our little ones covered and protected from the elements while playing outdoors. And the little monster designs are so adorable on those cute little tushies. 

Each pair is completely unique! Our Boo Bottoms have the coolest design of crochet eyes. So no monster bum will look exactly like my little one’s.

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