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Custom Made Kimono Dresses By kajanistudio – Perfect For Any Post-Partum Body

Custom Made Kimono Dresses By kajanistudio – Perfect For Any Post-Partum Body

You can sometimes sum up motherhood in three words: loss of control. 

I’m not just talking about your schedule or freedom. The first thing you lose control of on your way to motherhood is your body.

Growing up, I could wear almost anything and shopping required very little focus on sizes. But postpartum bellies take time to bounce back (unlike what’s seen on social media from those fit mom influencers. What mom truly feels encouraged by those posts anyway?). Can we have some clothing that accommodates our reality, please! 

It’s a wonder moms don’t give much thought to custom made clothing. Shops like kajanistudio focus on the unique body type of a woman.

There’s one outfit in particular that I believe every mom needs. It works in and outside of the home. When I first saw one being worn by someone on TV, I thought it was the sexiest anyone could look at home. In short: The Kimono-Style Wrap Dress

Think about it, ladies. It adjusts seamlessly with the change of the woman’s body through postpartum. It easily accommodates breastfeeding. It elongates the neck and defines your waistline, while the flowing folds conceal any ‘problem areas’. 
Um, can we say “where’s my purse”??

Here’s Ani of kajanistudio to tell us more:

MM: What do you believe the benefits are of purchasing custom made clothing?

Ani: First of all, it’s very special to have apparel made for yourself. Instead of getting something mass-produced, off the rack, and having not much of an idea of its quality (craftsmanship, fabrication, details, fit), the garment is made just for you. It’s simultaneously practical and luxurious.Second, it’s a more sustainable way to shop. Ethically made-to-order creates clothing that holds its value and is far less wasteful, in the sense of textile waste & dead inventory. An item of clothing is made-to-order for you, you select the style, you select the fabric, so there isn’t the waste that occurs with inventory that’s sitting around.

Photography by Amina Touray

Of course, made-to-order costs more than mass-produced, (or shabbily made) apparel but, my motto is ‘Fashion-for-Keeps’; buy better — buy less. It’s really about cultivating your own personal style, as opposed to following throw-away trends. It’s about investing in good pieces, building a wardrobe that will serve you well, and that you can enjoy wearing these items for a long time. Bottom line: well-made, high quality clothing serves you better, and you need less stuff as a result. It’s Conscious Commerce. 

 Plus, you’re supporting a small, ethical business 🙂 

MM: What are the sizes available or that you are currently open to working with?

Ani: Our available sizes are XS (extra small), SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, XL, and XXL. The measurements are included in the Listing Description.

One of the primary shopping complaints these days is that there is no longer much of a standard when it comes to sizing — it seems to vary from style to style, brand to brand. This is a difficult problem to deal with for large, fast-fashion companies, and one that often gets ignored altogether. However, because we’re a small business, customers can ask any detailed/specific questions as needed. Not only that, they can also furnish their own measurements if they aren’t sure what size is right for them!

This also allows for me to make any necessary adjustments, to accommodate each customer’s unique dimensions for the best possible fit. 

Photography by Amina Touray

MM: What would the process be like for a client making a custom order from overseas?

Ani: First, they should look over all the details in the listing description. Make sure you ask any questions you might have prior to placing an order, to ensure there’s no confusion. Select from the Fabrics offered, in the print or combo of your choice.

Next, select the size. It’s important to pay attention to lead-time — that is, the time that will be needed in making the garment and completing your order. When your order is ready, I always send a notification indicating when it’s ready to ship, and provide tracking information.

Ideally, I love to get all questions answered before I begin an order — this makes for happy, satisfied customers.

Well? What are you waiting for? Click here to get your Kimono Style Wrap Dress! To visit kajanistudio and browse their other fabulous items, click here!

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