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LnS Candle Co. – Making Our Homes Cozier & Our World Safer, One Candle At A Time

LnS Candle Co. – Making Our Homes Cozier & Our World Safer, One Candle At A Time

When it comes to candles I’m a little strange. I loooove just opening a candle and without lighting it, have the aroma fill the room in a warm and light manner. 

Lighting a candle is atmospheric, but the anxiety that comes as a mom with knowing a candle is on and I need to keep an eye on it and my kids – yikes!

Wax melts don’t do the trick. They’re not strong enough in smell. Neither do air fresheners – they’re far too strong and often give me an asthma attack. It needs to be a candle strong enough to fill a room but gentle enough to not be overwhelming. That’s LnS CandleCo.

Hand made by besties Lillian and Sarah. These ladies definitely focus on the details of a quality made candle. LnS CandleCo. is a very hands-on business with everything being hand made, handcrafted, and hand-poured. 

Everything from the melting of the wax, to designing the logo, to making the candle in its entirety, and everything in between, is truly all done by Lillian and Sarah. 

Add to that, they do all of this as full-time college students. The focus on each of these aspects of LnS CandleCo. makes for an eco-friendly, wonderfully scented and special handmade experience. 

Upon taking the lid off of my Vanilla candle, the room was engulfed in this cozy aroma. 
The smell is not synthetic (likely because of its soy wax component). It’s not one that becomes unbearable after leaving it out. It is a waft of earthy vanilla aroma. 

Upon lighting this candle, the smell is not overbearing. With it’s wick created of cotton and paper, it’s made to ensure a consistent burn. I am inspired to draw a bath with this candle close by as it would pair nicely with a scented bath bomb and create a spa like experience.

Adding to the quality of this candle is the cause behind each candle purchased. LnS CandleCo. donate one dollar from every candle purchased to AnnieCannons, a non-profit organization helping survivors of human trafficking in the United States. 

Thank you LnS CandleCo. for putting effort into making our homes cozier and our world safer.

Use the code maturingmama20 for 20% off at LnS Candle Co.!

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