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Bioesque 100% Natural Masks – The Best Skin Product for Every Type of Skin

Bioesque 100% Natural Masks – The Best Skin Product for Every Type of Skin

You buy a new brand of face mask. It promises a high performance formula in one single sheet for your face. A great concern for this product is:

– If it doesn’t fit my face
– If I have an allergic reaction
– If it doesn’t show any improvement in my skin

Face masks are now sold individually- meaning you can purchase a single sheet! It promises a lot but for the fact that you’ve only purchased one of it’s kind- it better deliver! 

For us moms, our skin can be like a chameleon- changing it’s spot month by month depending on if we’re on our period, pregnant, recently postpartum or stressed. Would you feel comfortable introducing your skin to a different formula within a sheet mask during each season of skin change?

What if there was one mask that touched all bases of skin care needs no matter the season? There actually is! AND it’s natural enough to eat. 

Introducing Bioesque  Bio-Cellulose Masks.

Our masks are 100% natural, bio-degradable, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. They are one of the best skin products for combination/dry/oily/acne and even aging skin and sensitive skin. 

The optimal skin maintenance is MOISTURE which is one of the main functions of BIOESQUE’s bio-cellulose masks

BIOESQUE uses the most innovative technology to produce bio-cellulose masks piece by piece from static culture, not like traditional bio-cellulose masks made as a cube and sliced into sheets. 

This gives BIOESQUE’s masks 3D nano structure from dense to sparse which can fully stick to the skin ditch firmly and the unique density gradient configuration can enhance the transfer efficiency of essence from the membrane to the dermal. 

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