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Organic, Body Safe & Good for the Environment – Candles By Lit Rituals

Organic, Body Safe & Good for the Environment – Candles By Lit Rituals

For years, I’ve had mixed feelings about scented candles. While I love their warm, romantic light, the fragrances seem to be a hit-or-miss experience. Too many candles on the market today have overpowering scents that feel artificial and too concentrated. We’ve all had the misfortune to walk through someone’s overzealous perfume cloud, or done the ‘duck-and-cough, hold-your-breath’ maneuver when walking past Bath & Body Works! Who wants to bring that into the sanctuary of their home?

One of the great privileges we have at Maturing Mama is to bring small businesses from all over the world into the spotlight. For a long time, I didn’t know that I had options in this regard: in a world dominated by corporate giants, I thought that if I wanted candles that are clean and natural, I had to make them myself. Fortunately for me (and for our fragrance-sensitive readers), Lit Rituals is here to help.

“We’re both very passionate about finding clean alternatives for personal health and wellness products.  Being candle fanatics, our first project was overhauling the traditional scented candle to a cleaner alternative. Thus, Lit Rituals was born.

Christina has struggled with asthma for years, and is very sensitive to most scented candles on the market today. As Caitlin grew up, she discovered a passion for herbalism and is always looking for ways to improve life through her knowledge of herbs and stones.  This motivated us to put our efforts together in order to make a perfect candle to burn in our home. Since we first started making candles in our tiny apartment in Humboldt County, our mission has been to find organic, clean burning, premium ingredients that we didn’t have to feel guilty about burning. 

We began making these ritual candles for ourselves, our friends and our family members.  Once our friends and family started burning the candles, they started asking for more and our business grew organically from there. As we saw more and more growth within our small batch business, we began to find ingredients that met not only our personal health standards, but also ingredients and products that are environmentally friendly. Through trial and error, we settled on the cleanest combination we could come up with: Organic Soy Wax, Beeswax, Essential Oils, & Wooden Wicks from recycled wood. 

Our two biggest values are environmental awareness, and maintaining a healthy and happy home. Every day we work toward a more sustainable future, beginning with compostable shipping supplies and a continued effort to take our products towards a complete zero waste model. Our organic wax candles use only the finest essential oils and body safe fragrances.

We want each owner of a Lit Rituals candle to be surrounded with a beautiful scent that won’t irritate their lungs, and provides a sense of calm and balance. Each candle is made with specific intention, specially selected crystals, and individually harvested organic herbs to invite each person to take time to care for themselves, their surroundings and their lives.”

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